Handcent 4.0 (Beta) SMS App Out for Testing. Full ICS Support Added!

Everyone’s favorite 3rd party SMS application, Handcent SMS, just got some Ice Cream Sandwich action. The makers of Handsent have released a public beta build, which can be freely downloaded and tried out on your Android device, and yes, this build includes full ICS support too.

If you are currently running Handcent, this build will replace your existing version. In case you want to revert back to your earlier build, all you need to do is uninstall this build, and just download your last stable build from the Android market.

Have a look at the new features and possible bugs in Handcent 4.0 Public Beta

New Features

  • Handcent Talk – Allows you to bind your phone number and send text messages for free using the Handcent network.
  • Greater customization
  • Improved compatibility with iOS messaging from iPhones
  • Full ICS Support
  • New Widget

Confirmed Issues

  • Doesn’t enter batch mode correctly.
  • Some modded users may experience theme compatibility issues when using themes of white text on dark backgrounds.

Since this is a beta build, it needs to be installed manually. Quite simple, though. All you need to do is download the Handcent Public Beta apk from the official development page, and install it using a file manager on your phone.

You can visit the official page linked above, to check for updates to the beta version, submit bugs, and to discuss your experience with other users. Bug submission is important in a beta build, as it helps the developers to incorporate fixes in future releases and stabilize the app. Do share your experience with us too, in comments below.