SMS Enhancer Android App: Get Additional Tweaks and Super SMS Functions!

SMS Enhancer Android App

SMS Enhancer is a little geeky fun sort of app. You can shoot pranks, spam, schedule, forward, etc etc.. SMS related stuff with this app. Trust me, it’s a must have funny app for your android phone.

There are a lot of cool SMS tricks to play and tweaks to work out with this app, so let’s check them out:

  1. SMS Bulk – Send your wishes or simply any message to many people simultaneously at one Go.
  2. SMS Timer – Schedule your message that will be sent to a specific number. For eg: you can set it to send birthday wishes to your friend automatically.
  3. SMS Backup – This feature lets you backup & restore your messages. You can take backup on your SD card or phone memory or to any email account, though you cannot restore backup taken through email.
  4. SMS Fraud – Play some pranks on your friends like showing them a fake SMS that never was actually sent to you. See that’s why I said it’s a funny app.
  5. SMS Hidden – It lets you hide & encrypt messages from specific numbers that you define in the app’s interface.
  6. SMS Fire – Spam your friend’s phone by sending too many messages in a short span of time.
  7. SMS Toast – You might wonder what’s SMS toast? Well, it’s just a notification system that lets you define on whose messages you get notification.
  8. SMS Forward – Auto send all incoming messages to a number of your choice, select for all or selected numbers.

To download the SMS Enhancer android app for FREE, scan the QR Code below or simply click the Download Link below it.

Scan to Download SMS Enhancer Android App


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And do let us know, your idea about the SMS Enhancer. Whether it was an all-in-one SMS tewaker for you?

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