Ninesky Browser — A Light and Fast Browser for Android

Among all the big name browsers for Android, Ninesky Browser is a really light and speedy browser that differentiates itself by being fast and using very few system resources. Features like support for Flash are included, which is a must for enjoying content like videos on the internet.

Here’s a look at the key features:

  • Supports HTML5 and Flash, can play movie online; supports Google maps.
  • Powerful security feature, detect harmful site.
  • Embedded search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Bookmarks, visit history and most visited; reading list (like iOS safari)
  • Powerful website navigation
  • Download manager

The Dashboard is where the app starts up. It has slots for eight most visited sites, which you can change according to your preference. Page loading is quite fast, with both mobile and desktop versions of sites loading quickly. Pages heavy with flash content do make scrolling a little slow, but otherwise scrolling is quite smooth. Flash videos play smoothly without hiccups, so that’s quite a nice advantage seeing as how light on resources the browser is.

The Dashboard has four other tabs, namely Bookmark, Navigation, History and Feedback. Bookmark holds a list of pages you’ve bookmarked, with tabs for most visited sites and history at the top for quick switching. The Navigation tab is quite useful, as it lists top sites for particular categories like News, Sports, Movies, Music, etc. The History tab shows you the list of websites you’ve previously visited as is the norm. The Feedback tab takes you to a page where you can submit any comments and feedback you might have on Ninesky.

Other basic features common to browsers are present as well, such as multiple tabs, full-screen mode, changing the User Agent to other platforms (for example, selecting desktop will open the desktop version of the site), changing font size, etc. A ‘Low Carbon’ mode, when enabled, disables all images and flash content on websites, so you can save up on bandwidth when required. A privacy mode disables recording of history, saving of passwords, cookies, etc. Sharing text or website links is also possible using the share function. A download manager takes care of your downloads with an integrated file manager so you can browse through your files from within the browser itself.

Ninesky is a fully functional browser available for free on the Android Market, and you can install it by clicking the download button below. Do leave your thoughts on the app in the comments.

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