Get Cool Animations on Your Android Phone with Anim Mod Root Android App. Costs $0.99

Anim Mod Root animations android app

Anim Mod Root android app is the easiest way to get the cool animation effects on any android phone. If you like animations, $0.99 isn’t an insane price to pay, right? And let us know if you want a free hack too.

Well, many users of ours got quite fond of the fly-in animations they saw in the ADW Launcher EX video we posted on our YouTube channel. And needless to say, most of them wanted badly those animation effects on their fav phone too. Now, with the Anim Mod Root android app — released just an hour or two ago — everyone among you can have those wow-licious awesome animations on your android phone.

Anim Mod Root costs $0.99, spending which will get you 8 animations types:

  1. Stock Android
  2. Bounce
  3. Blur Animations
  4. Drop In
  5. Flip
  6. Fly in & Flip
  7. Fly In
  8. Fold

In case you’re still wondering, you do need ROOT access on your phone. There is no other way for this app to work unless your phone is rooted, since it plays with system folder to do the job.

So, if you’re happy to spend 99 cents and hold a rooted android device (busybox is also required, if you don’t have it already download it for free from the android market), you can get 8 nifty animations to tease your friends who can only drool over this cool aesthetic feature.

To those who wanna go to technicalities of it, the app basically works on the system’s framework files — the anim folder to be specific, where lies the art of animations –granting your phone these cool effects by modifying the contents there.

Here is the link (for phones) to android market, from where you can purchase this app. You can also scan the QR Code below with the barcode scanner app on your phone to get to android market.

Anim Mod Root market link

Yes, we do have some videos to show you what you will get after rubbing your credit card for $0.99, check out the videos below — the name of the ‘animation effect’ given just above the video.





So, who and who are happy to learn this and among those, who’re actually gonna buy this hackish app?

By the way, it would be a bit complicated process to install these animations on your phone without this app, that is, doing it manually. If  you’re interested to know about the manual process that you an follow at home to get the above 8 animations for free (you’ll still need root access though!), let us know in comments. If some users are interested, we’ll definitely make an article of ‘how-to’ on this little cool hack.

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