My Schedule Android App: Make the most of that Special Notification Bar for your Calendar Needs

Android Calendar App My Schedule

My Schedule gets you most wanted features not attended by the default calendar app in android. Like, use of notification bar, icons, different font colors, etc. But it costs $0.99, which many users may not be so happy about!

There are loads of calendar apps among the over 200,000 apps in the android market, even though the default calendar app of Google is pretty good. But you’ve to give credit to calendar apps in market for they do fill the gap between what extra options users want but went missed in the default app. Speaking of which, do you hate the fact the default calendar app won’t let you use the notification system to get the upcoming events? If yes (or if you would like the upcoming events visible in the notification bar), guess what, as always, there is an android app for that. This time, it’s My Schedule.

The My Schedule android app is yet another calendar dedicated app to manage you events and time in a beautiful manner. Chief features of the app include:

  • Upcoming events are shown in notification bar for quick view that’s hardly miss-able. One can customize it date-wise and event-wise, so that notification bar is not over loaded.
  • Lets you create an event right from the notification bar. Fast and easy way!
  • Supports multiple calendars.
  • Customize date range, calendar icons, font colors, update frequency, etc.
  • What’s more cool about My Schedule is the ability to add icons, change colors and other nifty tweaks that are good aesthetics wise while improving on utility.

There are other cool features too but what remains the main reason for you to buy this app (cost: $0.99) is the ability to interact with your calendar using the android special notification bar, which really improves the whole idea of a calendar system and managing events in time.

Obviously, we wished a free version was available too, but that’s not the case.

You can purchase the My Schedule android app from market by opening the android market app and then, searching for: My Schedule. Select the app (verify that the developer is Jason Calhoun) and go through the buy process to download and install it on your phone.

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