Steam Android App — Access the Steam Community On Your Phone

Steam for Android is the official Steam app that lets you access the Steam community from your Android phone. It lets you chat with your Steam friends, browse the community groups, user profiles, and even lets you buy games from the Steam Store, all from your phone, in a well laid-out and attractive interface.

Here is a quick look at some of the features:

  • Chat with Steam friends.
  • Browse user groups.
  • View friend activity.
  • Browse and buy games from the Store catalog.
  • Keep up with latest Steam news

As soon as you open Steam and log in with your Steam account, the app shows you a list of your friends. Tapping on a friend’s name opens up their description page, from where you can start a chat with them, and also see their information like their PC specifications, the games they own, or the groups they are a part of. The friends list separates them by different categories like ‘Friend Requests’, ‘Recent Chats’, and also an ‘In-Game’ category which lists the friends that are currently playing a game, with the game they are playing mentioned below their name.

A great feature of the Steam app is that you can browse and buy all the games available on Steam right from the app. Buying games is really simple, and works exactly as it works on the desktop client. The ‘Specials’ tab shows you the games currently on sale which should make sure that you never miss those special deals on Steam. Other features include browsing community groups, getting the latest Steam news, and tracking friend activity such as their achievements, their new purchases, etc.

Steam for Android is quite a useful app for keeping in touch with your gaming friends and buying games from the Steam store on the go. Get it for free from the Android Market by clicking the download button below. Leave your thoughts on the app in the comments.

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