Art of Glow Android App: Easily Create Amazing Glowing Wallpapers for Your Phone!

Android App Art Of Glow

‘Art of Glow’ android app is an amazing drawing app using which you can create some amazing glowing wallpapers for your phone quite easily. It’s one of the very creative android apps we’ve seen.

Remember the Glow Hockey android game we shared with you only some time ago? The same developers — who, it seems have a good character in making stuff glow nicely on screen — have brought us another glowing android app, that makes full use of bright colors’ goodness — the Art of Glow application.

Art of Glow lets you create wonderful artworks with its amazing set of features and peculiar style. There are lots of choices for customizing your artworks and it very much depends on one’s intuitive skills to come out with a great wallpaper using this app. If done right, it may produce one’s best drawing till date.

While we loved the app for all the glowing goodness it offers, it comes obviously to us wanting a ‘Live Wallpaper creator’ option right out of whatever we just drew. Like, you just draw a handful of lines and circles in a decent layout and with app’s presentation of things, you’ll definitely cry for the ability to create a live wallpaper out of what you’ve just drawn — and are seeing on screen. It doesn’t take a great drawing to get a pretty artwork, but its just the app’s ability to make things glow and beautiful.

If it ever gets “Create Live Wallpaper” utility integrated — chances of which remain very very slim — it would be our must have android app, for sure. By the way, we think if someone can tell us similar app for our ol’ Windows OS, it would be awesome too.

Be sure to check out your best and beautiful drawings with us too!

Market Description Extracts:

‘Art of Glow’ will make you feel more relax, fun, and easy to create variety of glow artworks!

Art of Glow is elegantly designed with the high flexibility adjustments, vivid glow colors, and many options.

What can ‘Art Of Glow’ do?
+ Glow/light paintings.
+ Fireworks.
+ Twinkle stars.
+ Animated text arts.
+ And much more with unlimited settings + your imaginations.

+ Colorful (ANIMATED) Glow Particles.
+ Smooth and fun to play.
+ Unlimited styles of particles settings.

Video Tutorials:

Video Tutorial 1
Video Tutorial 2
Video Tutorial 2

Latest version: 1.0.1 (for all Android versions)

Download ‘Art of Glow’ for Free from the android market by scanning the QR Code below using the barcode scanner app or if you’re on phone, hit the android market link below.

Download Art Of Glow

Android Market Link

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