Glow Hockey Android Game: Another Air Hockey game, but with Nice Graphics!

Glow Hockey Android Game

Glow Hockey is a cool ‘air hockey’ game on android, which everyone in a family could spend time on very happily.

There have been a bunch of android games which did give us decent enough air hockey gaming right on our fav phone, but there is one better now. Called the Glow Hockey, the game lets you play ‘air hockey’ with some noticeable improvement in graphics.

The game’s totally FREE, and is well worth a try. While it’s a cool game to spend your time during remaining lunch time or in travel, the kids in your house will love this simple to play and glowing game, too.

Well, I’d would admit that the game’s UI doesn’t make it any easy one to win and destroy. You get 4 difficulty levels and I would recommend you to start with medium (the 2nd level) — if easy doesn’t suit you — and climb to higher level when you’re pretty comfortable with it. I just said that because people often leave the game at once after losing in the most difficult level, which in fact, ruins one of the good gaming experience. So, better start gentle and learn and make the most of the game.

Tip: I found playing the game a bit comfortable when playing using thumb, in place of an index finger. BTW, let us know which way you found it best to play this little harder game, all right?

Download Glow Hockey from android market using the link below (for phones) or scan the QR Code below using the barcode scanner app on your phone.

Glow Hockey Download

Android Market Link

Gameplay Video

Also, I think the game will be definitely more fun on tablets, all thanks to bigger screen space which would allow excellent movement of finger/thumb to play the game even better.

Let us know how do you find this yet another ‘air hockey’ android game, albeit with huge improvement on graphics over its predecessors.

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