Marvel Unlimited app released for Android

If you’ve been looking to get some Iron Man, Thor, or perhaps Ant-Man action on your Android device and have a Marvel Unlimited subscription, then you’re gonna love the new Marvel Unlimited app that the publisher has released on the Play Store, bringing access to over 70 years of Marvel’s greatest comics.

The Marvel Unlimited app does exactly what other Marvel apps for Android do, but adds a few new features to make the experience even better – the app sports a new Smart Panels mode for step-by-step browsing through each and every dialogue, as well as support for downloading up to 6 comics at a time for offline reading. If you don’t have a subscription, you can check out samples for every comic and access some free issues to “explore the benefits of Marvel Unlimited risk-free” before signing up for paid access.

The app is currently in its first version and as such misses out some useful features, such as a full screen mode or the ability to zoom in, but I’m sure those will be incoming with future updates. So go hit the source link and download Marvel Unlimited to get your fill of all those timeless Marvel superheroes.

Source: Google Play