LG V30 Android 10, Android 9 update: T-Mobile releases Android 9 Pie, too!

We talk about the software updates for the LG V30 here, including Android 10 and its eligibility, Android 10 custom ROMs, latest security patches, and yes, still, Android 9 Pie rollout. Here’s the release status of the V30 Android Pie update for each of the variants, including those at AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Latest news

October 08, 2019: After Verizon and AT&T, it’s not T-Mobile that is rolling out Android 9 Pie for its V30 users. Users of T-Mobile V30 are reporting that Android Pie is now available as an OTA (1.8GB) as well as via LG Bridge PC software.

T-Mobile LG V30 Android Pie

October 02, 2019: We’re talking Android 10 more than Android 9 Pie now, but for V30 users, last year’s OS update means more than anything. Today, the AT&T V30 users are getting the Android Pie update, finally. Coming in as software version H93130g, the update also brings the September security update and is available as an OTA already. If you are using LG’s V30 at AT&T, now is the time to check for a software update under Settings app > About Phone > Software updates > Check for Update.

AT&T V30 Pie update

September 16, 2019: After a long wait, the Android Pie update for the V30 has finally reached the US, starting with Verizon. More than several users have confirmed receiving Android Pie on their Verizon V30, model VS996. The update arrives as System Update 14 for the device. If you have the Verizon V30, it’s time you checked for an update. However, Verizon has not announced the update yet on its support page. [Update: Verizon makes it official.]

Android Pie Verizon V30
Verizon’s LG V30 gets Android 9 Pie update

Update [July 30, 2019]: Great news for LG V30 users. The Android Pie update was finally released today, although it’s limited to Korea and Europe only at the moment, software version H93030B. We expect the V30’s Pie build to become available for our friends in the US pretty soon. It may still take a few days to few weeks, but we’re closer than ever to see the Pie update hit V30 sets in the US, including those at T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon.

Will LG V30 get Android 10?

The 2017 LG device has stood the test of time and is still one of the well-performing devices in LG’s line-up. It came with Android Nougat out of the box and is currently running Android 9 Pie.

As it has already received two Android OS upgrades, the chances of getting Android 10 are very slim. Though, with a good aftermarket development support, it may score Android 10 unofficially.

How to get LG V30 Android 10 update unofficially?

If you’re are confident about trying out custom software, make sure to check out XDA Developers’ ever-buzzing forum.

LG V30 Android 10 custom ROMs

Multiple developers have released Android Pie-based ROMs for LG V30. But they probably won’t have the same enthusiasm regarding Android 10. Considering how old V30 is, don’t expect a stable custom ROM before Q2 2020.

Though, Android 10 GSI has your back.

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LG V30 Android Pie status and release date

Verizon V30 Pie update

  • Released in Korea and Europe
  • Released in the US at Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile
  • Sprint V30 yet to receive Android Pie, same for US Unlocked sets
LG V30/V30+Android 10Android 9 Pie
Europe/KoreaNot eligible
AT&TNot eligible
Released on 01 Oct 2019
SprintNot eligible
Expected in October 2019
T-MobileNot eligible
Released on 07 Oct 2019
VerizonNot eligible
Released on 13 Sep 2019
U.S. UnlockedNot eligible
Expected in Q2 2019

AT&T LG V30 update timeline

  • Android 9 Pie released on October 1
  • Android 10 is not expected
DateSoftware version | Changelog
01 Oct 2019H93130G | Up to September 2019 security patch; Android 9 Pie OS update
21 May 2019H93120r | May 2019 security patch
25 Apr 2019H93120q | March 2019 security patch
21 Jan 2019H93120m | January 2019 security patch
04 Jan 2019H93120l | Added support for 5G Evolution indicator
21 Nov 2018H93120h | November 2018 security patch
26 Sep 2018H93120f | September 2018 security patch
01 Aug 2018H93120e | July 2018 security patch
05 June 2018H93120d | May 2018 security patch
28 Mar 2018H93120c | Installs Android 8.0 and March 2018 security patch
13 Feb 2018H93111N | January 2018 Android security updates, including KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability fix
06 Oct 2017H93110h | OLED display enhancements and September 2017 security patch

Sprint LG V30+ update timeline

  • Android Pie expected in October 2019
DateSoftware version | Changelog
11 Feb 2019LS99827a | General bug fixes
30 Nov 2018LS99826a | October 2018 security patch
16 Aug 2018LS99822a | August 2018 security patch
20 March 2018LS99820a | Installs Android 8.0 Oreo and March 2018 security patch
07 Nov 2017LS99811a | October 2017 security patch, optimizes performance and changes signal strength indicator

T-Mobile LG V30 update timeline

  • Android 9 Pie released on October 8
DateSoftware version | Changelog
07 Oct 2019H93230d | Up to August 2019 security patch; Android 9 Pie OS update
21 Mar 2019H93220s | Security patches for the months of February and March 2019
25 Feb 2019H93220r | Up to January 2019 security patches; Messaging app and various system improvements
04 Dec 2018H93220p | November 2018 security patch
30 Aug 2018H93220k | August 2018 security patch
25 June 2018H93220j | Provides various bug fixes and system improvements
29 May 2018H93220h | Installs Android 8.0 Oreo (Originally released on May 7, paused on May 12, and resumed on May 29)
31 Jan 2018H93210d | January 2018 security patch
3 Nov 2017H93210c | October 2017 security patch and driver update to distinguish between V30 and V30+
13 Oct 2017H93210b | Original software

Verizon V30

  • Android 9 Pie released on 13 Sep 2019
DateSoftware version | Changelog
16 Sep 2019VS99630c | Android 9 Pie OS update; arrives as System Update 14
05 Jul 2019VS99620l | June 2019 security patch
31 May 2019VS99620k | May 2019 security patch
21 Mar 2019VS99620j | March 2019 security patch
18 Jan 2019VS99620h | January 2019 security patch
17 Dec 2018VS99620g | November 2018 security patch
20 Sep 2018VS99620f | September 2018 security patch; download the firmware from here, installation guide here
23 July 2018VS99620e | July 2018 security patch
16 July 2018VS99620d | Security patches up to May 2018; download the update from here; install using this guide
20 Apr 2018VS99620b | AI Camera, a new startup screen displaying “V30 ThinQ”, and March 2018 security patches
09 Mar 2019VS99620a | Android 8.0 Oreo and February 2018 security patches
16 Jan 2018VS99610e | December 2017 security patch, a wireless charging indicator, improved HD Voice call screen and more
06 Oct 2017VS99610c | September 2017 security patch and Blueborne security patch

How to update LG V30

To check for and install a new update on your V30, do this:

  • Open the Settings app. You can also pull down the notification bar and tap the Gear icon.
  • Scroll down and tap General, and then About phone.
  • Now, tap Software Update, and then tap Update.


What do you think your LG V30 will receive Android Pie update?


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