Android 10 GSI ROM download: v200.e available

A GSI ROM is an AOSP ROM that can be installed on a number of Android devices thanks to the power of project treble, a feature that Google introduced with Android Oreo. The basic idea was to able the developers to test their apps on a variety of devices using GSI, and also to help OEMs update the phones faster.

However, it has also helped the aftermarket custom ROM scene. The Android Pie GSI ROM from phhusson has been quite popular, giving countless users of old devices a taste of Android 9 update even when the official software for the devices ended with Oreo. Thankfully, the development continues and now, the first build of Android 10 GSI ROM is available for download.

Why Android 10 GSI is useful?

Using the GSI ROM, you can update your device to Android 10. Yes, this remains an unofficial way to update to Android 10, but it’s very helpful nonetheless.

The initial builds are not usable as a daily driver but over time, as bugs are fixed, the ROM can become stable enough.

Should I install Android 10 GSI?

As of Sep 16, there is now much you can expect from the Android 10 GSI. You can give it a run and see if it boots up if you like having some fun and have the spare time to boot. I know this can be fun, booting the latest OS update of that time (Ice Cream Sandwich?) on my HTC desire gave me goosebumps! Sure, I had to go back to Android 2.2 within an hour, but it was well worth the try.

However, being an early build (v200), there is not much you can expect right now. As the developer himself says:

This is a pre-release, the only reports i’m interested in are whether your device boots or not.

We think the stable Android 10 GSI ROMs will become available in a few months as the development continues. So, if you intend to install GSI on your phone, check back this page later.

Download Android 10 GSI

Update [October 22, 2019]: Here’s the update no. 5 that brings v200.e build of the ROM.

Find v200.e’s downloads here

Also, if you are looking to use Magisk, use the modded version here.

V200.e Changelog:

  • fix lowmemorykiller, should vastly improve stability
  • fix media.swcodec sometimes not starting
  • fix fingerprint FOD crash
  • fix navigation bar not displayed by default
  • fix overlays

Update [October 02, 2019]: Update no. 4, coming in as v200.d, is now available of the Android 10 based GSI ROM. It fixes issues with ZenFone 6’s front camera, media codec, boot problems on A/BB partitions, and more.

Find the changelog and downloads here

Update [September 20, 2019]: An even newer version of the Android 10 GSi is now available, v200.c. Changelog:

Fixes boot issue of v200.b by changing mediacodec fix

Update [September 18, 2019]: A new version, v200.b, has been released today. You can download the v200.b from here. Here’s a changelog for v200.b:

Fixes some wifi, fixes some camera, some hw media codec, some boot

Find all Android 10 GSI downloads here

The first version of the Android 10 GSI was released as v200, but it was quickly updated to v200.a to add a small change related to “ld.config.27/.28” that the developer says would enable more devices than before (v200) to boot up.

Also, if you use Magisk, make sure you install the modded magisk file for Android 10 given at the downloads page link right above. And, If you need help installing GSI ROM, click here.

Android 10 GSI and Magisk

If you plan to use Magisk you need to make sure to download and install custom Magisk ZIP given right below that is modded to work on Android 10 GSI.

Here’s what the developer says about compatibility with Magisk:

ONLY IF YOU USE MAGISK: There is an attached, this is a modded to boot this Q GSI. (it will prevent any other rom from booting so you’ll need to revert when switching!)

So, do not use a regular Magisk ZIP file for this.

Android 10 GSI alternative

A GSI ROM is not the only unofficial Android 10 update. You can install a custom ROM too, like LineageOS 17 to get Android 10. it’s already available for the OnePlus 6, 6T, and Asus ZenFone 5Z, 6.

Do you have any cool custom ROM experience you wanna share? Are you waiting for Android 10 GSI? And are you using Android 9 Pie GSI right now?

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