OnePlus 5, 5T Android 10 update common problems and possible solutions

Chinese smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus, has made quite a name for itself over the last few years. Not only does the company have a knack for creating industry-leading devices, but it also gives its devices longer support than most of the popular brands out there.

Only recently, OnePlus unveiled its first pair of flagships for 2020: OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. The higher pricing has caught a few people off-guard, but the dust is bound to settle in the coming weeks, especially if the updates continue to come in, thick and fast. And going by the recent trend, we can’t help being hopeful.

For those unaware, OnePlus has recently launched the Android 10 beta program for the OnePlus 5 and 5T — devices that came out in 2017. The devices are set to get a stable Android 10 build in the coming weeks, marking the device’s third Android upgrade.

OnePlus 5/5T users are ecstatic with the news, of course, but they must also be wary of rogue bugs that come into play with every beta release. In this piece, we’ll assist you to keep track of the reported bugs and possibly squash a couple of them.

Known problems with OnePlus 5 and 5T Android 10 beta updates

Here are some of the known issues that have been reported on the OnePlus 5 and 5T handsets running the Android 10 beta updates so far: Open Beta 2 and Open Beta 1.

VoLTE and VoWiFi not working

OnePlus has had a hard time turning on VoLTE and VoWiFi on Android 10/OxygenOS10, and the issue is still very much present on the builds released by the company for the OnePlus 5 and 5T. Check out this guide on XDA developers to try to resolve the problem.

Battery drain

Battery drain after a fresh ROM installation is one of the most common issues. The optimized battery mode also does more harm than good, as it’s supposedly increasing charging time and battery drain.

We have a detailed article on how to improve the battery life of your device. Still, if that doesn’t cut it, check out the famous OxyTweaker mod to give your battery life a boost.

Video stabilization doesn’t work

The OnePlus 5 duo is currently on the second OxygenOS 10 beta, but even the second build hasn’t been able to fix the issue with video stabilization. Many users have already reported the issue, which should prompt OnePlus to fix it sooner than later.

UPI apps not working

Many users have reported issues with UPI apps like GPay. The verification messages never seem to arrive, which keeps your bank accounts from being linked. So, if you’re heavily dependent on UPI apps, steer clear of the beta for now.

Magisk not working

Magisk — a virtual system modifying tool — isn’t working on the Android 10-based betas. Considering it’s only been a few days since the release, it’s pretty natural to see it acting up. The best course of action would be to wait for the fix or skip the installation right now.

Google Messages not working

Some users have reported issues with the popular messaging application, claiming the app crashes as soon as they tried to compose a message. You could try clearing its cache or reinstalling it. If none of them do the trick, switch over to a different app for the time being.

Microphone not working in apps

As per users, the microphone hasn’t been working properly in 3rd party apps — Google Duo included. The second beta, too, hasn’t fixed the issue, and there’s no workaround at the moment.

Bug in font selection

A bug has been identified while changing the system font. As per the report, the phone restarts automatically while trying to change it. Additionally, the font change is not visible in Turkish.

Notification panel color

The notification panel is not fully black as many people expected. OnePlus has gone with a shade of dark grey for the panel, leaving purists a bit unsatisfied.

Navigation gesture not working on OnePlus 5

OnePlus has deliberately turned off Google’s navigational gestures for OnePlus 5. So, unless a sneaky workaround pops up, you’ll have to make do with the tried and tested method.

Dark mode not turning on automatically

Some users have reported that dark mode is not turning on automatically or with the regular toggle. To force enable it, go to developer options and toggle it on.

Alarm not waking up the device

Usually, the alarm isn’t dependent on whether a device is switched on or not. If turned off, the alarm wakes up the device to carry out the task. Unfortunately, OxygenOS 10 has hampered this basic yet invaluable feature. The alarm app doesn’t switch on the device when needed, prompting users to keep the device on at all times.

Phone dialer crashing

The OnePlus dialer keeps crashing, many users have claimed. OnePlus is yet to comment on the issue, so we’re not sure when we’ll get a definitive fix. For the time being, you could try downloading 3rd-party dialer apps from Google Play.

Phone recording not working

The option to record a phone call is quite an understated feature. Sadly, OP5 users on Android 10 beta are having a hard time with the feature, as call recordings have not been picking up any audio. These blank recordings were first discovered after the first beta release itself, but OnePlus is yet to find a solution.

Contacts search

Some users have encountered a bug while searching for a contact in the Contacts app. Apparently, the phone restarts during the search, leaving the user to do it all over again. The occurrence is also quite random, meaning that the device doesn’t always restart when in the app.

Slow orientation change

While changing the orientation from portrait to landscape and vice versa, the device — both OnePlus 5 and 5T — can become a little sluggish and might not show all the items on the screen. The animation seems to be the main culprit here, and the issue should be taken care of in the next beta release.

OnePlus Launcher broken

The OxygenOS 10 beta build has made the devices incompatible with the OnePlus Launcher, at least officially. You could still download and use this app from APK Mirror.

Are you experiencing any of the issues listed above? Or any issue not listed above? Share your problems on the Android 10 beta update on the OP5/5T with us in the comments section below.

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  1. After upgrading my 5t version mobile yesterday, colours changed in every app…I tried hard to change through settings but no use . Photos, games , all looking weird.

  2. My OnePlus 5t is heating up after the latest Android 10 update and also the battery is getting completely discharged in 2hours

  3. I have the same issues. Apps are crashing, fingerprint doesnt seem to get recognised, lock button isn’t working. It is disastrous to complete even the most generic and mundane tasks on my phone. This is a cry for help, do I need to just keep waiting for the next update? It’s been so long.

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