LG Android 10 update (LG OS): Sprint G8X ThinQ gets Android 10

LG Android 10 update

LG’s software support keeps worsening with every Android OS release. The company’s first device to receive Android Pie did so three months after the OS arrived on Google Pixels and we don’t expect anything different with respect to the latest Android 10.

Several LG devices are eligible for Android 10, but nothing is official just yet. The info below is based on our long history with LG phones that puts us in a position to guestimate the possible arrival of Android 10, although changes to the dates should be expected, especially once LG reveals its official plans.


Android 10 release date

LG Android 10 device list

LG’s Android 10 updated will be known as LG OS. Here’s the list of LG devices that will get Android 10 update along with LG OS OS.

LG Device Expected Android 10 release date (LG OS)
LG G8X ThinQ Released on 16th May 2020 for Sprint users in the United States
LG V50 ThinQ Released on 17th Jan 2020 in South Korea (Version: V500N20b)
LG V40 ThinQ Released on AT&T in the US on May 14, 2020
LG V35 ThinQ Q2 2020
LG V30S ThinQ Q2 2020
LG G8 ThinQ Released for Global (G820N20c), Sprint (G820U20d), Verizon, Unlocked (G820QM20a), AT&T (G820UM20i)
LG G7 ThinQ Q2 2020
LG G7 One Released
LG Q60 Q4 2020
LG K50 Q4 2020

Note: The above list isn’t official and thus not exhaustive by any means. We will update it when LG provides official information.

LG Android 10 release date

  • Sprint has started rolling out Android 10 for LG G8X ThinQ (May 16)
  • LG V40 users AT&T in the US get Android 10 update (May 14)
  • AT&T rolls out Android 10 update to LG G8 ThinQ (Feb 13)
  • LG V50 ThinQ on Sprint receives stable Android 10 (Feb 12)
  • Unlocked LG G8 ThinQ units gets Android 10 (Feb 1)
  • Verizon has announced Android 10 for G8 ThinQ
  • Stable Android 10 released for Sprint LG G8 ThinQ (version: G820U20d)
  • Stable Android 10 released for LG V50 ThinQ in South Korea
  • Stable Android 10 released for LG G7 One
  • Stable Android 10 released for LG G8 ThinQ
  • Android 10 update will be called LG OS
  • LG OS preview is available in Korea for LG G8, V50 to get it next month
  • Android 10 expected in Q4 2019 on select devices
  • Most eligible devices to receive 10 in 2020


Android 10 update
Google Pixel

What’s new in LG’s Android 10 update

LG, like many other Android vendors, has a custom skin that runs on top of stock Android, but it isn’t one to get in your way like the MIUIs and EMUIs of this world. Unfortunately, we don’t know what kind of customizations LG has in store, but we know what Google is planning with respect to Android 10.

We have a detailed post of Android 10 features that we think will get you up to speed on what to expect when the OS arrives.

Besides what Google gives you in Android 10, LG will be putting in quite a few features of its own too in the LG OS update — the moniker for LG’s Android 10. Read more on this in the LG OS section below.

Google Pixel running Android 10 update


The Android 10 update from the company will be called LG OS. And guess what, the LG OS update has already leaked on the web for a Korean V50. LG G8, too! Here are some screenshots that compare the LG OS to the previous UI (comes from V50).

The screenshots above make it clear that LG OS will look a lot like Samsung’s One UI custom skin. But as regards the new features in LG OS, we will have to wait and see.

LG G8X ThinQ Android 10 update

  • May 16: G8X ThinQ users on Sprint have started receiving Android 10

LG V50 ThinQ Android 10 update

  • The stable version has been released for V50 in South Korea on January 17th, 2020
  • Sprint starts rolling out stable Android 10 (Feb 12)
  • Android 10 leaked out on the web for V50, dubbed LG OS [Sept 18]

LG V40 ThinQ Android 10 update

  • May 14: Android 10 released for AT&T users in the US
  • It’s not available for any other carrier in the US yet, as also the global model 

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LG V35 ThinQ Android 10 update

  • Eligible for Android 10
  • The update is expected in Q2 or Q3 2020

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LG V30/V30+/V30S ThinQ Android 10 update

  • Only the V30S is eligible for Android 10
  • The update could arrive in Q2 or Q3 2020
  • LG V30 and V30+ are not eligible

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LG V20 Android 10 update

  • Not eligible

The LG V2o won’t be updated to Android 10. Like the V30 and V30+, it came preinstalled with Android Nougat, meaning the update to Android 9 Pie will be its second and last major OS upgrade.

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LG G8 ThinQ Android 10 update

  • Released for AT&T units carrying software version G820UM20i and December 2019 security patch (Feb 13)
  • Unlocked LG G8 (G820QM) has received the Android 10 update with software version V20a-JAN-09-2020 (Feb 1)
  • Verizon has announced the update, rollout to commence shortly
  • Android 10 released for Sprint
  • Android 10 based LG OS update’s preview now available in Korea for the G8

Here’s how the Android 10 on LG G8 looks like:

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LG G7 ThinQ Android 10 update

  • Eligible for Android 10 update
  • LG may release the update in Q2 2020

It took LG until June 2019 to release the first update to Android Pie for the G7 ThinQ outside South Korea, so you can imagine how long it will take to release the second major OS upgrade to the same device. If anything, we’ll be lucky if Android 10 update for the G7 ThinQ arrives in Q2 2020.

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LG G7 One Android 10 update

  • Eligible for Android 10 update
  • The rollout could begin in Q4 2019

The LG G7 One, thanks to being an Android One device, became the first from LG to be updated to Android Pie – in November 2018. Granted, we could see this same device leading the way with respect to Android 10 update, something that could mean the G7 One gets 10 in Q4 2019.

But being a second major OS upgrade for the device, LG might direct its energy elsewhere, meaning the G7 One could get Android 10 in Q1 2020. Hopefully, the former case prevails.

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LG G6 Android 10 update

  • Not eligible for Android 10

The LG G6 has reached the end of the road in terms of Android OS support. The device will be upgraded to Android 9 Pie somewhere in Q3 2019, the last major OS upgrade.

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LG Q60 Android 10 update

  • Eligible for Android 10 update
  • The OS could arrive in Q4 2020

LG hardly sends Android OS updates to devices outside its line of G and V series. However, we do know that the LG Q9 will be updated to Android Pie in Q4 2019, which gives us some hope that the LG Q60, which has Android Pie out of the box, will be upgraded to Android 10 at some point in Q4 2020 or maybe a little earlier.

LG K50 Android 10 update

  • Eligible for Android 10 update
  • LG may release the update in Q4 2020

Another device that looks eligible for Android 10, at least on paper, is the LG K50. It comes pre-installed with Android 9 Pie, which gives it some outside chance of receiving an update to 10. If the OS eventually arrives, it may do so towards the end of 2020, but this we cannot guarantee whatsoever.

When do you think LG will release Android 10 update and which device will it be for?


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