LG’s Android 10 update (UX 9.1) leaks out on V50 [Update: G8, too!]

LG V50 smartphone

Update [September 18, 2019]: Not only the V50 but the LG UX 9.1 update based on Android 10 OS has also leaked out on the LG G8. , via MyLGphones. In Korea, where else! We hope to see these Android 10 beta updates come out of Korea and reach Europe and the US. here are the screenshots from LG G8 running Android 10 beta.

LG isn’t always the fastest when it comes to rolling out software updates, usually releasing critical updates months after their initial release. However, as things stand, the company is set to turn over a new leaf with Android 10.

The South Korean company has been working on Android 10 for a while now, and a bunch of leaked images has just confirmed the notion. Leaked on a Korean website, these images showcase UX 9.1 — LG’s latest Android 10-based UI — running on the LG V50.

First off, there is the reworked app icon set, which very much resembles an older iteration of Apple’s iOS.

The system-wide dark mode has emerged as one of Android 10’s most talked-about features, and LG sure hasn’t failed to bundle that in.

The menus have also been re-designed and now resemble Samsung One UI.

The Android 10-based UX 9.1, which carries software version v18a, is still far from a finished product, meaning that it’ll take a while for the company to make it available to end-users.

Here are some other images of the release:

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