LG V50 updates: Verizon releases Android 10 update [May 19, 2020]

LG V50 smartphone

The V50 ThinQ is LG’s latest and probably greatest V-series offering. Packing some serious firepower and top-of-the-line entertainment features, the LG flagship is bound to catch your attention. In a limiting 5G smartphone market, the LG V50 ThinQ is a refreshing change of pace and comes with some attractive bundle offers.

If you have taken the leap and are trying one of the first 5G-enabled devices, check this space to keep yourself updated with all of LG V50 ThinQ’s software updates, including Android 10 OS upgrade and monthly security updates. Now, without further ado, let’s get to it.

Google Android 10 update

LG V50 Android 10 update

  • May 19: Verizon releases Android 10
  • Feb 12: Sprint units start receiving Android 10
  • Jan 17: Stable Android 10 is now available in Korea (version V500N20b)

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Global LG V50 ThinQ (Korea)

Release date Software Version — Changelog
10 Mar 2020 V500N20m — Full changelog here; March 2020 security patch
17 Jan 2020 V500N20b — Stable Android 10 with all-new navigation and pop-up window support, December 2019 security patch, Changes to Camera UI

Sprint LG V50

Sprint LG V50

To initiate an update, go to Settings > About Phone > Software updates > Check for Update > Download Now.

The model number of Sprint’s V50 is V450PM.

Release Date Software Version — Changelog
12 Feb 2020 Installs Android 10
July 2019 V450P10n — July 2019 security patch
17 Jun 2019 V45010m — Bug fixes, 5G improvements, June 2019 security patch
May 2019 V450PM10l — May 2019 security patch
May 2019 V450P10i — Original software version

Verizon LG V50

Verizon LG V50

To initiate an update, go to Settings > About Phone > Software updates > Check for Update > Download Now.

The model number of Verizon’s V50 is V450VM.

Release date Software version — Changelog
19 May 2020 Android 10 update is now available
20 Mar 2020 V450VM10j — March 2020 security patch
20 Dec 2019 V450VM10i — December 2019 security patch
24 Oct 2019 G450VM10h — October 2019 security patch
29 Aug 2019 G450VM10g — August 2019 security patch
29 Jul 2019 V450VM10f — 5G enhancement, mobile hotspot improvement
16 Jul 2019 V450VM10e — July 2019 security patch
Jun 2019 V450VM10c — June 2019 security patch
Jun 2019 V450VM10c — Maintenance release

LG V50 August update

August 30, 2019: Only the Verizon’s LG V50 has the August update as of now.

LG V50 July update

The July 2019 security patch is available for all the variants of the LG V50!


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  1. So Verizon is NOT installing Version 10 yet. Your article failed to point that out for the average Joe. I had to dig and do some research to figure this out.

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