How to see everyone on Google Meet on PC and Phone

Google Meet, known as Hangouts Meet previously, has recently started gaining popularity after the Mountain View giant announced that it is waiving fees on the premium version of Hangouts until July 1st to assist businesses and schools.

The service enables users to conduct group meetings of up to 250 participants in a single call and the ability to record meetings and save them to Google Drive.

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If a lot of people are sharing ideas, you might want to see as many participants as possible on your screen. The following guide will enable you to see participants in different layouts when you’re making a group video call on Google Meet. So if someone turns himself into a banana using Snap Camera filters on Google Meet, you won’t miss out on the fun!

How many people can you see at a time on Google Meet?

Like Zoom, Google Meet has also received the ability to see up to 49 participants on a single screen. You can do so using both the Auto and Tiled layout options inside Google Meet which can be accessed by going to Settings > Change layout.

Meet will allow you to view participants in a meeting in a 7 x 7 grid, similar to how Zoom lets its users do it. The feature is available to Meet users on the web using their personal Google account or a G Suite membership.

How to change screen layouts in a meeting on Google Meet

You can change the layout of the participants shown on your screen by following the steps below.

Step 1: Open Google Meet on your PC and join a meeting.

Step 2: On the meeting screen, click on the 3-dot icon on the bottom right corner and select the ‘Change layout’ option from the menu.

Step 3: In the Change layout box, click on the layout that you want to use.

  • Auto: Choosing this will allow Google Meet to choose a layout for you.
  • Tiled: This layout shows up to 49 participants equal-sized images of meeting participants. When a presentation is being conducted, the presentation will be shown in a larger format with up to three speakers shown alongside it. When selecting the Tiled layout, you can drag the slider at the bottom of the ‘Change layout’ dialog to adjust how many users you want to see on your screen. Dragging the slider to the extreme right will enable the 49-tile grid.
  • Spotlight: This offers a full-screen layout with an option to display the presentation, active speaker, or the participant you have pinned. When you pin a participant or presentation, they’re always visible on your screen.
  • Sidebar: The main template will show the video feed of a participant or the presentation. The other templates will show the rest of the meeting participants on the right side of the screen.

How to view 49 participants at once  in Google Meet on PC

Google is offering you a way to see up to 49 participants at the same time on your screen, including your own video feed. If you wish to see all participants on Google Meet, you can click on the 3-dots icon at the bottom right corner, and select the ‘Change layout’ option from the menu.

In the new dialog that appears, click on the ‘Tiled’ option and drag the slider at the bottom to get a larger 7×7 grid on your screen. This will let you view as many participants as you can on a single screen during a Google Meet meeting.

How to adjust number of tiles

By default, Meet will show you 9 tiles on your screen if you select the ‘Auto’ option and 16 tiles at once if the ‘Tiled’ layout is selected. If you wish to change the number of tiles, Google Meet lets you manually adjust the number of participants you can view in tiled form at any given time. The ability to adjust the number of tiles is present when using the ‘Auto’ or ‘Tiled’ layout inside a meeting screen on Meet on the web.

To adjust the number of tiles in Google Meet, enter a meeting, tap on 3-dots icon at the bottom right corner and select the ‘Change layout’ option. Tap the ‘Auto’ or ‘Tiled’ option inside the ‘Change layout’ dialog to enable tiled view.

Inside the same dialog, you can now adjust the number of tiles you want to show on your screen by dragging the slider under the ‘Tiles’ section from left to right. You can increase the number of tiles by moving the slider further right and you can choose from the following number of tiles when dragging through the slider – 6, 9, 16, 30, 42, and 49.

How to see everyone on Google Meet

Now that you know Meet lets you see up to 49 participants at once on a single screen, what if there are more than 49 people in a meeting? How would you see them?


To see more participants than what are shown on your screen, select the ‘Auto’ or ‘Tiled’ layout inside Google Meet and then scroll through the participants to see those who weren’t previously visible.

On Phone

Although PC users get to view up to 49 participants at once on a single screen, the same is not the case for Google Meet users using the app on their phones. You can only see up to 4 people at once on a single screen on Meet on Android or iOS. To see other participants, you will need to touch and scroll through the meeting screen which will let you see those people who weren’t visible on your screen earlier.

How to see all participants on Google Meet on PC

While Meet finally lets you see as many as 49 participants during a meeting session, for some organizations and groups, that might still not be enough. Since meetings on Meet can host up to 250 participants, you might want to see more than 49 participants on a single screen.

There’s a workaround for this and it involves installing a Google Chrome extension. You can use it to see up to 81 participants on a single screen in a meeting on a PC as well as a phone. The extension makes way for a 9 x 9 sized grid if you’re in for meetings with a large number of participants and is known to work well for now.

Google Meet Grid View Fix: What Is It? Should You Use It and How?

How to see yourself among other participants on Google Meet

Unless you enable such an option, you will always see yourself as a separate popup box inside a Google Meet window. Google, however, allows you to see yourself be present alongside other participants in a meeting, and in case you’re wondering, this option is available even inside Tiled layout. 

To turn on Self View during a video call on Google Meet, hover over your self preview which will be positioned on the top right corner of your screen by default. When you hover over your review, you should be able to see the ‘Show in a tile’ icon. This icon will be indicated by 4 squares one of which will be highlighted. 

If you wish to remove your preview from a Tiled layout, you can hover over your preview and click on the ‘Remove tile’ icon. This icon will resemble that of the ‘Show in a tile’ icon with the only difference being that it will be struck off. 

Is Google Meet Grid View Fix extension reliable?

The Google Meet Grid View Fix extension came as a replacement for the original Grid View Chrome extension by Chris Gamble which stopped working for a bunch of users in July. The Grid View Fix is just a repurposed version of the same extension but with support for a larger 9×9 grid layout.

For the most part, the Grid View Fix extension works as advertised and that shows from the bunch of positive reviews it has received from the Chrome Web store. The developer of the extension has stated that it doesn’t collect or track any user data and the extension is regularly updated (the last one dates back to September 11, 2020).

If for some reason this extension doesn’t work for you, you can proceed to try and install the original Google Meet Grid View by following the guide below:

Google Meet Grid View: How to download the chrome extension and view all participants

Google Meet Grid View not working? Try these solutions

Hardware requirements to see all participants on Meet

While you can join video calls on Google Meet with minimal system requirements (i.e. with a Dual-Core processor and 2GB memory), Google states that the minimum requirements are only sufficient for some user scenarios while other environments might indicate the need for better hardware. Since you can only see all participants on Meet in Tiled layout, we’re only going to include situations with a Tiled layout and nothing else. 

User Conditions Recommended hardware
Small meetings in Tiled layout with less than 5 participants Dual-Core processor


Large meetings in Tiled layout with more than 5 participants

1 or 2 Browser tabs or Apps open 

Quad-Core Intel Celeron N4000/N3000 series, Dual-Core Intel Celeron 2000/3000/4000 series processor, AMD 3000-series, AMD Athlon 300, Mediatek 8173/8183


Large meetings (more than 5 participants) in Tiled layout with Presentations

5-10 Tabs and apps open in the background

Quad-Core Intel Celeron N4000/N5000 series processor, 7th Gen Intel i3 processor, 6th Gen Intel i5 processor, AMD Ryzen 3 3300U


Large meetings (more than 5 participants) in Tiled layout with Presentations

High video quality

10+ Tabs and apps open in the background

Quad-Core 6th Gen Intel i5 and AMD Ryzen 5 3500U


Google Meet tips to see participants

If you wish to make the most of what Google Meet offers to see everyone that’s present in a meeting, then you can consider the following pointers.

  • Ask attendees to mirror their camera on Google Meet: Google Meet shows someone’s original view while in a meeting but you can flip it if you desire to by following the guide that we’ve prepared.
  • Multi-task with Dualless Extension: Dualless gives you the power to separate your Meet windows from your content window. This means you can not only see all the participants on a single screen but also go on with your workflow while keeping an eye on everyone present in a meeting.
  • Freeze yourself while in a meeting: We understand if you’re stuck in a meeting that’s been running for a long time but did you know you can freeze your video from time-to-time? This should help you get things done by freezing your video feed.
  • Use Google Meet Effects to pop out on a screen: If there are 49 people to see in a meeting, it could get hard for others to notice you among the sea of tiles that are laid in front of them. If you want to make your video feed stand out from others, you can use Meet Effects.
  • View all your participants on the big screen: Being able to see 49 other participants on your computer screen is good but it would be nicer if you could see them in magnified view, wouldn’t it be? You can use Google Meet on Chromecast and cast your conferences to the big screen at your house.
  • Show your video and present at the same time: Google Meet allows you to use the same Google account to sign in to Meet on the phone and on the web simultaneously. What this means is you can show your video as well as stream what’s on your whiteboard at the same time.

Do you want to see participants in your Google Meet call in a grid view? Did the above guide help change the way you view participants on Google Meet? Let us know in the comments below.

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