How To Freeze Your Screen or Camera on Google Meet


Google Meet is a video conferencing software that lets you stay connected with people from all over the world. The app is free to use and uses your Google ID to sign you in. Google Meet has few customization options when compared to the likes of Zoom and Skype. In this article, we will cover how to freeze your screen while in a Zoom meeting. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you for how you use this information.

Can you use effects in Google Meet?

Google Meet is a simplistic app that allows audio and video calls with multiple participants. Unlike some of the other apps, Google has not yet introduced any kind of filters or effects that you can apply to your video feed. Luckily there is a workaround for that. Follow the guide below to learn how to use effects in your Google Meet video call.

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How to freeze screen on Google Meet

While technically Google Meet does not allow you to use effects, you can still add some cool effects with this workaround. Follow the steps below to learn how to freeze your screen in a Google Meet video call.

First, you need to get ‘Visual Effects for Google Meet’ on your Chrome browser. Visual Effects for Google Meet is a Google Chrome extension that lets you add effects to your Google Meet video call. There are a number of effects you can add to your video including Green screen, background blue, and pixelation.

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Visit the Google Chrome Web Store and locate ‘Visual Effects for Google Meet‘. Hit ‘Add to Chrome’ to download and install the extension on your browser.

Now go ahead and create a new meeting or join one. To do so visit the Google Meet website. You will notice a new white panel on the left side on the screen. Hover your mouse over the panel to view its contents.

Now scroll down to ‘Freeze’ and check the box. Before you click on it make sure you have aligned yourself in the video the way you want it to be frozen. As soon as you click the option, the video will freeze.

To change your position in the video simply click the ‘Freeze’ option to unfreeze the video, then click it again to freeze it in the new position.

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Can people tell you have frozen your screen or camera?

No, there is no way for others on the same Google Meet call to know that you have used an effect to freeze your camera and it is not just a technical difficulty. It may be a good idea to change your position from time to time to throw people off the scent.

Can you use the freeze effect on the Google Meet mobile app?

Unfortunately, at this moment, there is no way to use effects on the Google Meet mobile app. Visual Effects for Google Meet is a Google Chrome extension. Chrome extensions only work on a desktop web browser, and not on a mobile phone.

Do you need to use the effect each time you start a call?

Yes, you do. While you only have to install the Chrome extension once, each time you start a new meeting or join a meeting, you will need to freeze your camera. You cannot freeze your camera before joining a meeting.

We hope this article helped. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.


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