Batmobile in Rocket League: All You Need to Know


Rocket League has recently been turned into a freeware title in collaboration with Epic Games by Psyonix. This transition has enabled numerous new players to be able to enjoy the game. The game relies on a fair play tactic in the game where every car is similarly powered no matter which choice you make. But this does not mean that you can not customize your cars.

Rocket League allows you to equip different bodies, decals, and colors to make the car unique to your personality. Among the most sought after bodies in Rocket League is the batmobile body that turns your mundane looking car into a batmobile. If you are looking to get the batmobile in Rocket League then check out the guide below.

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Can you get the batmobile in Rocket League?

Sadly, you can not get batmobile in Rocket League anymore. Batmobile was introduced in the Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice DLC pack which was released back in 2016. The pack was taken down in 2019 with the release of the v1.7 patch that disabled the ability to buy DLC packs across all platforms.

This is the same update that discontinued support for in-game loot boxes and crates and transitioned to the credit and drops item scheme which Rocket League still follows to this day.

Another version of the batmobile was released in another DLC pack which was inspired by the old school 1989 version of the batmobile. This item too was part of a DLC pack that is no longer available for purchase in Rocket League.

If you are a user who had bought one of the batmobile DLCs previously then you should be able to get the batmobile on the freeware version as well, if not then you will have to trade the item with another player.

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Will I get the Batmobile DLC if I paid for Rocket League earlier?

Sadly, paid Rocket League users are getting access to only DLC packs licensed by Rocket League and Psyonix.

DLC packs like Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, DC Superheroes DLC pack, and the Hotwheels DLC pack are licensed by their respective owners which means even paid owners will be unable to get them as a result of previously owning the game.

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How to get the rest of the DLC packs if I was a paid user

If you were a paid user that paid for the DLC pack before Rocket League was released as freeware on Epic then you are in luck. You can connect your previous account to your new Epic Games ID to get the previously owned content Let’s take a look at how you can do this in Rocket League.

Open the Epic Games launcher and click on your username in the bottom left corner of the window.

Now click on ‘Manage Account’.

You will now be redirected to ‘Manage Account’ webpage in your web browser. Start by clicking on ‘Connections’ in the left sidebar.

Now click on ‘Accounts’.

You will now be shown a list of all the services that you can connect your account with. If you were a console user, you can use your Xbox or Playstation ID to connect with your Epic Games account. If you were a PC user you can use Steam. Nintendo Switch users also have the ability to connect their Nintendo accounts to receive the Rocket League licensed DLC packs.

Once connected, launch Rocket League, and your previous inventory as well as new items should show up in the game directly.

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I see a Batmobile in the Free Pass section of Rocket League

This is a known glitch that has been addressed by Psyonix and Epic Games. This glitch is caused by previously leftover data and temporary names that cause the wrong item to be displayed in the Free Pass section. Restarting your game will help you get rid of this glitch and view the actual items that will be awarded with the Free Pass.

We hope this guide helped you learn everything you needed to know about getting the Batmobile in Rocket League. If you have any more questions or queries for us, feel free to reach out using the comments section below.


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