How to Open Drops in Rocket League

What better feeling is there than cracking open a good old Rocket League drop at the altar of the RNG gods? None. There is none. It is the absolute pinnacle of the human experience and nothing in this life compares to that moment of sheer exhilaration as you contemplate the wonderful possibilities that lay within the angular, high-chroma packaging.

And sure. You can’t trade ’em — but you can trade what comes out of them. And sure: you might not get much, indeed probably won’t get much, but… every now and then… the RNG gods do smile upon a lucky mortal and bestow them with something of Black Market rarity. It has happened. Not to you, of course, but it has happened to more blessed individuals.

But to even have a shot at some of that divine, randomly generated grace, you have to know how to open drops in Rocket League.

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How to Get Drops in Rocket League

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Drops come in every rarity and can be acquired in a couple of ways. Players can obtain drops by completing challenges that dispense drops of a specific rarity, or as part of random fan rewards through Twitch drops by watching select Rocket League streams.

Not every Rocket League stream will have Fan Rewards enabled, and players must have their Twitch and Rocket League accounts linked (which you can do by clicking ‘sign up’ here). Follow Rocket League on Twitter to get a heads up on when they’re planning an official, Fan Rewards-enabled stream.

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How to Open Drops in Rocket League

Any time you get a Rocket League Drop, either by completing a Challenge or earning them as a Rocket League Fan Reward via Twitch Drop, it will appear in your inventory. Down below, we’ll run you through how to deal with the drops and what can expect to get out of them.

Open up Garage

Rocket League Garage Highlighted

Start by clicking on Garage in the main menu.

Select Manage Inventory

Once inside the garage, open up the Manage Inventory tab. Sorting by Most Recent’ will bring drops you’ve recently acquired. Otherwise, you can just search for “Drops” in case they were obtained a while ago.

Choose Your Rocket League Drop

Rocket League Drops Inventory

Select the Drop you would like to open. This will bring up a new menu displaying the possible rarities of the loot that can be obtained from the drop, depending on the drop’s own rarity. Click on any of these rarities to open the drop.


Rocket League Drop Rarities

Clutch your chest in a desperate plea to the RNG gods, begging them to show generosity and gift you with something halfway decent. Really search for them, their essence, floating out there in the ether. After a short animation plays, you’ll be given your answer.

And that’s seriously all it takes to open your Rocket League drops! It’s as simple as that. Let us know what you got!

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