Workshop Maps in Rocket League: How to Download and Play

Rocket League is on a league of its own with tens of millions of players actively playing the simulation-cum-mini soccer game. The multiplayer cross-platform can be played across Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch where two teams play to hit the ball into the opponent’s goal and score points.

Although the game offers a bunch of maps and arenas to try out and explore, Rocket League fans will know that you can also download and load custom maps called Workshop Maps onto the game just for fun. In this post, we’ll explain to you what really are these Workshop Maps and how you can use them inside the Rocket League on your system.

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What are Workshop Maps in Rocket League?

Workshops or Workshop Maps are one of the easiest ways to customize playable content in the Rocket League. Workshop Maps were introduced in 2016 for the sole purpose of letting users design and play custom-designed maps of their choice. These maps not only mean fun but can also be used to focus on skill development on your own without competing in a multiplayer game.

Most of the custom maps available for download are single-player only and don’t need you to use third-party tools like Rocket Launcher, which is often installed for those who wish to play multiplayer games with modded arenas. Workshop maps can thus help you build your knowledge of those maps features in competitive Rocket League matches.

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How to download Workshop Maps in Rocket League

If you have been playing Rocket League on your PC for a long time now, you must have downloaded the game on Steam. If that’s the case, all you need to do to download Workshop Maps in Rocket League is subscribe to one of the user-created maps on Steam and all the necessary files will be copied to your Steam/Rocket League folder on your PC.

To start downloading Workshop Maps in Rocket, head over to the Rocket League Workshop Maps page on Steam. Make sure you log in with your Steam credentials and once you do, click on any map you want to load on to Rocket League on your computer. You can hover over any of the maps listed on this page to see the map description and settings applied to it.

When you select a map from the Workshop Maps page, you will be taken to the selected Maps page where you can view all the details regarding the map. If you wish to download the selected Workshop map, scroll down and click on the Subscribe button which should be available inside the map’s description box.

After you click the Subscribe button, your map will be downloaded on your computer directly the next time Steam is opened. Once download, the map will be ready to use inside Rocket League.

You can repeat the steps above to download as many Workshop Maps as you wish to have in Rocket League.

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How to select a map in Rocket League

Now that you have downloaded Workshop Maps on your PC via Steam, you can proceed to apply it in Rocket League. To use a community-made Workshop Map, launch the Rocket League on your PC.

Screengrab via Paps

Inside the game’s main menu, select ‘Extras’ and then select the ‘Workshop’ option.

Screengrab via Paps

Inside the Workshop Maps screen, select any one of the maps that you downloaded from Steam.

Screengrab via Paps

Rocket League will now load the map you selected on to the game so you can start to play.

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Best Rocket League Workshop Maps you can download via Steam

If you’re having a hard time deciding which maps to subscribe to on Steam, we’ve compiled a list of best Rocket League Workshop Maps that you can download and try out for fun.

You can also take a look at the most subscribed Workshop Maps that users have downloaded in the past.

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