How Sigurd in AC Valhalla Impacts Your Game [Explained]

Ever since its early release on 10th November 2020, the fervor surrounding Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has grown exponentially by the day. Of special significance is the setting – we travel back to the time of the Vikings, and witness the near-perfect depiction of Nordic life of that era.

Journey through the open-world as Eivor, a Viking warrior, destroy the enemies of Valhalla and make your decisions as you move ahead with wisdom and forethought.

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Why we say forethought is because the final conclusion of the story will depend heavily on what you act upon from the choices that beset you. In this guide, we go through one such character, other than Eivor, who has the most impact on the game and which choices come to pass – Sigurd Styrbjornson.

As the fates of Sigurd and Eivor are woven together in fraternity and brotherhood, you just cannot ignore Sigurd which is why you need to know some of his background, his role in Valhalla, the nominal Sigurd Strikes, and their impact on the final outcome(s).

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Who is Sigurd: His backstory

The lore talks of Sigurd as the son of Styrbjorn, King of Fornburg. When Fornburg was first attacked by a group of raiders, the teenage Sigurd rescued Eivor (still a child) and ensured that he got to safety.

It is clear that there is a bond between Sigurd and Eivor that goes back to their childhood, before the events of Valhalla. Later, Eivor was adopted by King Styrbjorn and he became Sigurd’s foster brother. This sets the tone impeccably for what’s to follow.

Sigurd married Randvi, another important character in AC Valhalla, in order to keep two warring Viking clans together.

But he has never given much thought to his household for, after all, he is the leader of the Vikings. Instead, he goes on long expeditions and conquests while leaving Randvi behind in Fornburg.

When the Vikings led by Sigurd set out to claim East England, his wife follows him in his journey like most of his people. Unfortunately, since Randvi can’t get her man to fulfill his domestic obligations, she looks for love in Eivor which can be a little problematic considering how close he is to Sigurd.

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Sigurd’s role in Valhalla

As the leader of the Vikings, he is both charismatic and capable, which is the reason he was befriended by two Hidden Ones in Constantinople and was given a Hidden Blade. In fact, in the Norse version of reality, Sigurd is an Isu called Tyr, the God of War.

This is further corroborated by the fact that Tyr too loses his arm the way Sigurd does, reinforcing further that their fates are linked and bound to repeat.

It is Sigurd again who takes Eivor into the vaults of the Isu below ground in Norway. This was possible after he remembers the language of the Isu and the memories of his visions thanks to some heinous torture done to him by Fulke.

His own version of Valhalla is a universe of perpetual war and slaughter and unlimited mead – good enough for us, but not for Eivor who tells him rightly that that is not the heaven that they set out for. It is, ultimately, a simulated reality, not a veritable one.

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Sigurd Strikes and their impact

Eivor will be riddled with the number of choices he will have to make. But not all of them have a bearing on how the ending comes out to be. Some of them don’t make much difference, while others will be crucial. The main idea behind the Sigurd Strikes is for Sigurd to find out how good a leader Eivor can be.

All in all, there are five such decisions which, if you get wrong, count as a strike against Sigurd. Below we highlight these five decisions to look out for on your journey to Valhalla.

  • Leave or take resources in the Prologue: Leave to avoid the strike, take to get the strike.
  •  Refuse or Accept Randvi’s offer in Taken for Granted: Refuse to avoid the strike, Accept to get it.
  • Stay calm or Punch Basim and Sigurd: Stay calm to avoid the strike, Punch them both to get it.
  • Give or refuse Dag his ax in A Brewing Storm: Give to avoid the strike, Refuse to get the strike.
  • Support or speak against Sigurd in his argument against two Raventhrorpes: Support to avoid the strike, speak against him to get it.

Ending #1: Sigurd Returns with Eivor

If you do not strike out more than twice, you will be greeted with a happy ending with Sigurd by your side. This means that Sigurd will not leave for Norway and stay in England with you as the jarlskona.

If you end up with three Sigurd Strikes, Sigurd’s decision could still sway wither way. If you want him to come with you, ask him to return home with you when the choice presents itself.

Choose anything else, and the second (bad) ending will activate. It all depends on you finally, even if you’ve made three strikes. This brings us to…

Ending #2: Sigurd Goes Back to Norway

This ending means that you’ve struck out with Sigurd thrice or more. Sigurd is forced to believe, because of the choices that you’ve made, that England is no place for him.

It would be quite a blow to Eivor who’ll be placed as the leader of the Vikings without the help of his brother. But since these choices have always been yours, we believe you don’t mind that.

Eivor returns to England alone, and though the people wonder initially where  Sigurd is, they finally accept you as their jarlskona but not without a wonderful final heartfelt speech.


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