Best Android apps to create a Wedding Invitation video

Creating wedding invitations has become fairly simple and intuitive thanks to modern-day smartphones, video editing apps and then some more dedicated invitation apps. You do not need a top of the line phone to run video editing software and nor do you have to pay for that software. Smartphones have become extremely powerful these days and there are plenty of apps out there that will allow you to edit your videos for free.

But with so many choices on the market, you might be confused as to which app you should use. This is why we have compiled this simple guide that will help you make the best possible wedding invitation video using just your phone. We will discuss all the main features of these apps as well as some of their drawbacks. This will give you a good idea about their pros and cons which should help you make an educated choice based on your needs and requirements. Let’s get started.


PowerDirector is an all in one editing tool that takes a lot of inspiration from desktop-grade editing software. It is often considered as one of the best video editing apps available for the Android platform and rightly so. It allows you to edit and export 4K videos, it supports speed adjustment and even comes with built-in footage stabilizing functionality. Moreover, you even get to key in your footage using the chroma key option.

Apart from these top of the line features, PowerDirector also supports splits, rotation and comes bundled with over 400 different video templates and free effects. You can add your own custom music and layer different videos together thanks to its multi-timeline functionality.

All in all, PowerDirector is a multi-faceted video production tool that can help you produce great wedding video invitations directly from your smartphone. It is easy to use, comes with its own in-built tutorial section and receives regular support from its developer.

So if you were looking for complete creative control over your wedding invitation video, then PowerDirector is the choice that you should go for.

Google Play Rating: 4.5 stars (1,000,000+ Reviews)/ Downloads: 50,000,000+ / In-App Purchases: Yes/ ADs: Yes

Download: PowerDirector


KineMaster is another video editor for Android that features most of the functionality of a desktop-based video editor. The app has support for multiple layers and supports most popular formats including the likes of .mp4, .mkv, .jpg, .png, .mp3, .wav and more.

This gives you the creative freedom to source elements of your video from all kinds of different mediums without having to worry about converting them into a compatible format.

KineMaster is also one of the few video editors on our list that allows you to reverse your video right from scratch without the need for purchasing in-app tools. It also has support for different blending modes that allow you to create your unique look for the wedding invite as well as an extensive library of sound effects and background tracks. Not only this, but you also get access to png artworks, stickers, various types of different fonts and transitions as well.

In terms of video export, KineMaster supports 4K video at 30fps as its maximum resolution. You can also connect the app to your social media sharing sites as well as cloud services like Dropbox for easy export directly to your desired platform.

If you are new to video editing but would like an intuitive software that is easy to master and gives lots of creative freedom over your wedding invitation, then KineMaster is the perfect app for you.

Google Play Rating: 4.4 stars (2,000,000+ Reviews)/ Downloads: 100,000,000+ / In-App Purchases: Yes / ADs: Yes

Download: Kine Master


Canva started out as an online tool that could help you create different designs, be it posters, logos, wallpapers, videos or gifs. This varied functionality, soon helped the company evolve into a larger enterprise with support for multiple platforms. Canva now has dedicated apps for all mobile platforms on the market. You can easily use Canva to create your wedding invitation video.

The app is fairly simple, intuitive and comes bundled with a how-to guide in case you get stuck somewhere. It supports trimming of videos, cuts, adding external music as well as static images and clip art. Though not as extensive as KineMaster and PowerDirector, Canva still manages to offer a seamless and easy video creation experience with a fair amount of creative freedom of your project.

You can also choose the orientation and aspect of your video right from the start and take advantage of the 100,000+ different templates that Canva has to offer.

If you are looking for an app that is easy and simple to use but does not lack creative control over your project, then Canva is the perfect choice for you.

Google Play Rating: 4.7 stars (2,000,000+ Reviews)/ Downloads: 50,000,000+ / In-App Purchases: Yes/ ADs: No

Download: Canva


InShot is a comprehensive video editor that has been well optimized for smartphones. It features intuitive one-handed controls alongside all the basic video editing features including the likes of trimming, cutting, background blur, crop and more.

It has support for music layering and allows you to either choose from its dedicated online music library or add your own music from your local storage. You can even record your own voice to the video using the in-built audio recording function.

Additionally, the app allows you to import, edit and export Full HD videos as well which is fairly impressive considering its small install size of 30MB. It comes with tons of in-built video effects and filters while giving you the ability to add text and stickers on your videos as well.

The pro version of the application even allows you to edit and export 4K video. Hence if you are on the hunt for an easy to use video editor that is perfect for beginners, then InShot is the perfect answer to all your prayers.

InShot will allow you to create a beautiful video wedding invite without the need for learning complex editing terms and tools before you get started. It is the perfect tool for someone who is looking to get creative without spending time learning all the different tools of a video editor.

Google Play Rating: 4.8 stars (4,000,000+ Reviews)/ Downloads: 100,000,000+/ In-App Purchases: Yes/ ADs: Yes

Download: InShot


Quik is a compact mobile video editor from the house of GoPro that is perfect for making wedding invitation videos. It has support for over 75 different media at a single time be it photos or videos and even allows you to choose from 23 different themes.

You can add text to your video, use different filters and even make use of the inbuilt roster of transitions offered by Quik. The app comes with great in-built algorithms that help cut your videos according to the beat of your music automatically which takes away the hassle of trimming and syncing each video to your music.

On the other hand, you can also opt-out of this feature to achieve more creative control over your wedding video invitation creation. It has support for all the popular video and audio formats and even comes with its own 100 song library that is completely free to use.

Moreover, you can change the speed and duration of your video as well as change the orientation and aspect ratio. Quik is quite well optimized and has a lot fewer bugs when compared to other video editors currently available on the market.

This should make your workflow fairly simple and free from any bugs or glitches which makes Quik the perfect app to generate a great wedding invitation video in the knick of time.

Google Play Rating: 4.7 stars (1,000,000+ Reviews)/ Downloads: 100,000,000+/ In-App Purchases: No/ ADs: No

Download: Quik


FilmoraGO is the pocket-sized version of a desktop editing software by the name of Filmora. It comes with a lot of functionality alongside an easy to understand design that is perfect for beginners.

FilmoraGo has support for both photos and videos and allows you to preview all your clips in real-time. The app is bundled with hundreds of different templates which will take away the hassle of creating your design from scratch. For music, you can either choose from Filmora’s licensed library of music tracks or simply opt for an audio track from the local storage on your device.

Additionally, you can even customize your aspect ratio and play your footage in reverse as well. Filmora offers you extensive creative freedom over wedding invite by allowing you to change transitions, add overlays, apply filters, insert text and stickers as well. It even has a dedicated library of 3rd party resources to choose from in order to enhance the appeal of your wedding video.

If KineMaster & PowerDirector seemed fairly complicated to you but you ended up liking they provided you with, then you will love FilmoraGo. It does not have a steep learning curve but manages to provide you with more or less the same features of a top of the line video editing tool.

Google Play Rating: 4.1 stars (371,000+ Reviews)/ Downloads: 10,000,000+/ In-App Purchases: Yes/ ADs: No

Download: FilmoraGO


Vllo is a multiplatform video editing tool that mainly makes this list because of its exquisite feature and the lack of a watermark. Let’s face it, most commonly used video editors that are free for use, will stain your image with a watermark. Thankfully, VLLO does not do that — you can create cool videos without watermark using VLLO.

It has all the basic functions of a video editor, including the likes of cutting, slicing, music editing and more. You can even set your custom aspect ratios and use enhanced features like mosaic blurring and video speed adjustment.

Additionally, you can even reverse your videos and correct color using various parameters like brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and more. You can even apply third party filters to your invitation which can help enhance the overall look and appeal.

Moreover, just like its competitors, VLLO has its own store of artworks and music which can be used in your video alongside the proper licensing rights. This makes a nifty app to create wedding invitation videos without putting too much pressure on your smartphone.

So if you have been on the hunt for an app that will work for free and will not stamp your invitation with its watermark in the middle, then VLLO is the right choice for you.

Google Play Rating: 4.3 stars (54,000+ Reviews)/ Downloads: 1,000,000+/ In-App Purchases: Yes/ ADs: Yes

Download: Vllo

Lovi-Video Maker

Lovi-Video Maker is an easy to use video editor that is quite intuitive and is packed with hundreds of different templates. Most of the in-house resources on this video editor are focused on couples which is a great added advantage for your wedding invitation video.

It is mainly made for photos that can be joined together to make a cohesive video but you can also edit videos together in the app. It gives you the freedom to add your own music, use different effects and apply tons of filters to your video.

Some of the most popular effects include the likes of Love Particles, Snowfall, Waterfall, Bubbles, DJ lights and more. This gives you the ability to light up your invitation just like the wedding which will give your guests a good idea about what lies in store for them.

Additional features that you can make use of with the Lovi-Video Maker include Color Overlays, Frames, Motion effects and Visualizers.

If you have been looking for an easy to use app that does not require much technical knowledge to operate, then the Lovi-Video Maker might be right up your alley.

Google Play Rating: 4.4 stars (11,000+ Reviews)/ Downloads: 1,000,000+/ In-App Purchases: No/ ADs: Yes

Download: Lovi-Video Maker


Filmize is another easy to use wedding invitation video maker that does not require much effort. What the app lacks in creative control, makes up for it in terms of visual appeal. This easy to use the app only requires you to feed it with relevant images and choose a theme.

The rest of the process including rendering, placing and tracking your photos in a 3D environment, is all done by the app itself. This makes the process of making a wedding video invitation a lot simpler.

You can select your custom music from your phone’s local storage or simply decide to use the default music track. Filmize is a great app to get a 3D video wedding invitation right on your smartphone.

One drawback of the app is that it does not allow you to insert a custom text which might be a deal-breaker for some. But you can always use other editors to add text to your video. Filmize is the only app that generates 3D animated videos for your wedding invitation.

Google Play Rating: 4.4 stars (4,000+ Reviews)/ Downloads: 500,000+/ In-App Purchases: Yes/ ADs: Yes

Download: Filmize


Lastly, we have Funimate. This video editor app is more focused on the musical aspect of your creation and is thus an excellent choice for people that want music to be the main attraction of their wedding invitation video.

It has over 100+ different video effects that you can choose from as well as the ability to create your own custom effects. You can add text, music, stickers and even emojis to your video to enhance the overall storytelling aspect of your video invitation.

Moreover, the app has all the basic video editing tools including the likes of cutting, trimming, slicing, merging and cropping. This will allow you complete control over your footage which will help you easily achieve the vision that you had in mind for your wedding invitation video.

Additionally, the app was designed for social media platforms like Tik Tok and YouTube which makes sharing videos fairly simple. This ensures that you can easily share your wedding video with your friends and family right from the app itself.

So if you have been looking for a video editing app that is music focused and has tons of different video effects to choose from, then Funimate should be an excellent choice for you.

Google Play Rating: 4.4 stars (650,000+ Reviews)/ Downloads: 10,000,000+/ In-App Purchases: Yes/ ADs: No

Download: Funimate

Which app is your favorite one to create a wedding invitation video?

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