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How to Add Text in a Video on Android

Whether you’re subtitling for a project or making a personalized video for a special occasion, you’re going to need an efficient video editor that’s capable of adding texts to your videos. While most of the industry-leading video editors offer this feature, some do it a little more convincingly than others.

In this section, we’ll take a look at three of the most popular video editing apps and tell you how to add texts to your videos in a couple of minutes.


Check out the various methods below to add text and captions to your videos on Android.

Add text using InShot Android app

  1. Make sure you have the InShot app installed. Launch the InShot App.
  2. Tap on Video.
  3. Browse through the videos stored in your device and select the video in which you wish to add text effects.
  4. If you are unable to find a video, tap on Recent at the bottom left of the screen.
  5. Open the folder in which your video might be and tap on the video.
  6. Tap on OK (). This should open the editing interface of InShot app.
  7. Use the video navigation panel to fast forward the video and select the frame where you wish to add text.
  8. Tap on TEXT now. This will open the Android keyboard.
  9.  Type the text you wish to add to the video.
  10. After typing the text, tap and hold on the text to move the text to any position over the video.
  11. Use the Resize button near the text to change the size and angle and angle of the text added.
  12. For changing the color of the text, tap on the Colours icon.
  13. You can change the color, border, add shadow, label, and opacity of the text added to the video. You can select the design from the presets available at the bottom of the screen or you can manually edit them using the color palette.
  14. Tap on the Font icon to change the style of the text. For more font styles, click on the Shop icon at the right. Plenty of fonts are available for absolutely free. So go ahead and choose the one which best suits your needs. Note: You will have to watch an ad of length 10-30s to get the font for free.
  15. After selecting the font style, let’s move to an interesting feature – Animations.
  16. Tap on the Animations icon.
  17. Select any effect from Basic or Loop to add to the text. You can edit the speed of the animation and speed at which the text animation should loop using the icons just below the video. You can also select different animation for in and out of the text.
  18. When done adding the animation effects to the text, tap on OK ().
  19. Now, tap on the Edit icon to edit the text added or tap on the Text icon again to add a new text to the video.
  20. Use the slider to the left and right of the text near the video navigation panel at the bottom to change the duration of the text displayed in the video.
  21. You can also Copy or Duplicate the text to display it multiple times in the video.
  22. Use Split if you wish to have a portion of the video without any text effects. Tap on the Delete icon to remove the text.
  23. Tap on OK () and don’t forget to tap on Save on the top right of the screen.

Add text using VivaVideo Android app

Step 1. Make sure you have the VivaVideo app installed.

Step 2. Open the app and tap on Edit video.

Step 3. Select the video you want to edit and tap on Next.

Step 4. Upon entering the main screen, navigate to the Effects tab. 

Step 5. Tap on Text.

Step 6. Enter text.

Step 7. Pick the transition effect of your text.

Step 8. Pick text appearance in the next tab.

Step 9. Choose font.

Step 10. Pick font color, shadow, and outline on the upper-left corner of the fonts tab.

Step 11. Align your text.

Step 12. After you’re done editing, tap on the green tick.

Step 13. Move the slider to adjust the text’s screen time (the amount of time you want the text to appear on screen) and tap on Finish.

Step 14. Tap on Save/Upload.

Step 15. Tap Export and select Normal 480P (for free users).

Step 16. Share.

Add text using YouCut Android app

Step 1. Download and install the YouCut app from Google Play.

Step 2. Open the app and tap on the + button.

Step 3. Choose the video you want to add filters to and tap on the arrow. 

Step 4. After the video is added, tap on Text.

Step 5. Enter text.

Step 6. Navigate to the adjacent tab and pick a font.

Step 7. Pick text color, label color, border color, shadow color, and opacity.

Step 8. Choose alignment, character spacing, line-height, and opacity.

Step 9. Tap on the orange tick.

Step 10. Upon returning to the main screen, adjust the sliders to change the text’s screen time and denote the starting point and ending point.

Step 11. Tap on Save.

Step 12. Pick resolution and quality and tap on Save.

Step 13. Share.

Add text using Videoshow Android app

Step 1. Download and install the Videoshow app from Google Play.

Step 2. Open the app and tap on Edit Video.

Step 3. Pick the video you want to add text to and tap Next.

Step 4. Navigate to the Edit tab.

Step 5. Tap on Subtitle.

Step 6. Tap on the + icon. 

Step 7.  Enter text.

Step 8. Adjust the sliders to tweak the text’s screen time and denote the starting point and ending point.

Step 9. Tap on Font Settings.

Step 10. Pick the transition style.

Step 11. Choose the text color.

Step 12. Choose font.

Step 13. Apply Bold, Italic formatting; pick alignment, and adjust the opacity.

Step 14. Press back to return to the previous screen and tap on the white tick.

Step 15. Tap on Export.

Step 16. Tap on Save to Gallery.

Step 17. Pick from Fast Mode, HD Mode, and GIF Mode.

Step 18. Share after completion.



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