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Best Android apps to create slow-motion videos

Slow-motion videos are a great way to emphasize on detailing and make it so much fun to watch. With the slow-motion effect, you can transform a dull recording into an interesting video shot.

However, most flagship smartphones come equipped with interesting features such as slow-motion video recording. But if you don’t own one, Play Store apps have got you covered.


Best Android apps for Slow Motion videos

So here are the best android apps to create slow-motion videos.

Video Editor & Free Video Maker – VivaVideo

Being one of the most popular apps for video recording, Viva Video offers quick video editing tools including slow-motion video editing. For your convenience the app allows you to trim, merge and convert a video in slow motion with a few taps.

You cut down the video speed to 0.25x or multiply the speed for up to 4 times with ease. What makes this app more likable is the option to keep the audio tone unchanged when you convert the video to slow motion or vice versa.

The app is a preferable video editor for social media platforms and offers other functions like video cut and split that enables you to split your video in multiple clips for uploading and further editing.

The free version is satisfactory for personal use with the continuous display of ads being the only annoying element for using quality video editing features for free.

The only snag is the inability to export your edited videos in HD as it falls in the list of premium features that can be availed only when you pay for it. However, you can still put your hands on the premium features by signing up for a free trial period of three days and buy the service if you actually find it worthy.

Download: VivaVideo

Videoshop – Video Editor

Another video editing app that offers handy video editing features is Videoshop – Video Editor. The app allows you to cut and trim your video to make a fine selection and add your desired sound effects or music to the video.

The slow-motion and fast motion feature of the app enables you to convert a mundane clip to a super cool video. Unlike VivaVideo, this app lacks the flexibility to keep the audio tone unchanged which might come across as an issue if you are not looking forward to create a funny video.

Although, you can use the voice tool for slow-motion videos by paying for the pro version of the app as it doesn’t provide a free trial period.

But as far as normal video editing is concerned, the app allows you to add your desired audio track to your video recordings. You can even record your own sound and use it skillfully for your edited video to land up with an engaging media file.

Download: Videoshop

PowerDirector – Video Editor App, Best Video Maker

Another willful choice you can make is the Power Director which was originally developed by CyberLink as a video editing software for Windows. The popularity of this software bought it to androids, resulting in an app that allows you to edit videos seamlessly and convert them into a slow-motion perfection.

In order to help you use this app like a pro, the app comes with a tutorials section to help you understand the interface and use it skillfully. The option to import videos directly from google drive makes it more convenient to edit your desired video irrespective of your physical location.

The most fascinating part is the flexibility to add multiple audio tracks to your video and Pan and Zoom into your video for deeper insight that is crucial for professional editing that requires product highlighting.

Like most other video editing apps, the Power Director also allows you to choose from a range of stunning transitions and visual effects for your slow-motion clips to come up with a stunning video.

If you arent satisfied with the plain background of your video, you are free to use the chroma key feature, choose from a range of FX transitions. Else you can simply pick from a collection of background graphics to get an attractive background and export your final video to CyberLink Cloud to access the video on any device you want.

Download: PowerDirector

Quik – Free Video Editor for Photos, Clips, Music

The Quik – Free Video Editor for Photos, Clips, Music is the app that has won millions of hearts with an average rating of 4.7 on Play Store. This app offers room for 360-degree customization for your videos and comes with a range of handy features, that too for free.

The app is super easy to use with to play around with a range of features and come up with a sharable video clip within a matter of minutes. Choose your desired orientation for your video or simply crop it as per your preference.

The user-friendly interface of the app merged with an abundance of video editing features is the cause behind its massive popularity. You can trim, rotate, reorder, pick your desired layout for your video clip and photos.

Choose the soundtrack that suits your video or simply upload our personal audio in any of the widely used audio formats. Quik not only allows you to convert your video clips into a slow-motion video but offers room for endless customization to add some crisp to it. You can add emojis, text overlays and more.

The abundance of quality video editing features in an ad-free environment offered by a free application is definitely a rare combination to find. Right?

Download: Quik

Slow Motion Video FX

The Slow Motion Video FX is an app entirely dedicated to producing slow-motion videos. Unlike most other video editing apps on Play Store, it allows you to adjust the video speed for your preferred section of the video.

You can even slow down the video speed for a section and pull it to fast forward for the remaining. This feature is quite useful to highlight any important part of the video in slow motion or to simply create an impressive video clip that grabs everybody’s attention.

The only downside is the inability to export videos in HD in the free version. But you always have the option to buy the premium version of the app to export your edited videos in HD and get rid of the annoying ads that block your entire screen at times.

Download: Slow Motion Video FX

Expand your creativity with these slow-motion video apps and do let us know about your liking.