How to record a slow motion video on Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Galaxy s9 super slow mo video how to

Well, it’s simple. As you would expect, actually. To record a slow-motion video on your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus, fire up the camera app, and then swipe to switch to Slow Motion recording mode. Now simply click the capture button at the bottom to record a slow-motion video. That’s it.

The device would automatically capture the action part of the video in slow motion, in 720p (1080p or higher resolution is not available). A 0.2 second (in real-time) part of the video would run for 6 seconds in slow-motion mode, and you can watch it in regular forward mode, as well as Reverse and Swing mode, both of which are awesome.

You can even set the slow-motion clip as your lockscreen wallpaper, and add custom music to it because it doesn’t record any sound in this mode.

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960FPS super slow-mo sample

BTW, also check out this 960FPS super slow-mo video of the lightning in the sky.

sky lightning 960fps Galaxy S9

One more, pretty awesome!

Galaxy s9 super slow mo sample

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