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17 best premium Icon packs for your Android device

Icon packs are one of the key elements which play an integral role in customizing the look of your smartphone. Well, it is a hard truth that watching the same old themed setup on your phone all the time does get you bored.

So if you want a custom look for your smartphone we are here to provide the help. With plenty of free icon packs out there here are some of the best premium icon packs you can buy on Google Play Store.


Here are our best of the best picks from the Play Store for premium icon packs for your Android device, whether that be a Samsung Galaxy device, or Google Pixel, or one from Nokia, OnePlus, Huawei, Honor, LG, Google, Xiaomi or any other OEM.

Minimal O – Icon Pack

Minimal O is a minimalist style icon pack that allows you to customize app icons with a creative yet minimal look. The icon pack offers numb colored circular icons that soothing for the eyes. The complementary collection of  70 plus unique wallpapers make it a complete package to customize your phone screen.

Download: Minimal O – Icon Pack

Crayon Icon Pack

For those who like a touch of creativity, Crayon Icon Pack is an option to try. The cartoon-themed icons come with beautiful pastel colors that are fun to use and easy to recognize. The pack covers thousands of app icons so that you don’t miss it for any of your installed apps. The icons are beautifully made to give your home screen a sophisticated yet creative look.

Download: Crayon Icon Pack

Peppo Icon Pack

Peppo with a unique name it gives out a distinctive icon style too. A torn crushed paper theme with an app logo masked on the top gives a pleasant feel to these icons. Icon pack supports almost every third-party launcher on Google play and makes your app drawer much more appealing.

Download: Peppo Icon Pack ($1.49)


This one consists of icons made of colorful linear lines which are also somewhat transparent. Icons do give out a gradient color vibe and can surely light up your home screen.

The app comes with more than 2190 stunning icons with 22 high-quality wallpapers that compliment the icons in a unique way.

Download: Linebit – Icon Pack ($1.49)

Crackify Pixel

Crackify is another interesting icon pack that has rounded icons but with a typical twist. All the icons have cracks on them as if they have been shattered.

Each cracked icon gives a 3D feel with slight under shadows beneath them. It has a collection of more than 3700 high-quality icons and 10 HD wallpapers matching these appealing broken icons.

Download: Crackify Pixel – Icon Pack ($0.99)


This one is for the Oreo lovers out there as the icon pack is inspired by the world-famous Oreo cookies. Icons look just like an oreo biscuit with an app logo masked on the top.

Icons have been given a 3D feel with white color in between or should we say the oreo cream!. The icon pack is supported by almost every launcher on Google play which includes icon masking.

Download: Oreo – Icon Pack ($1.49)


These icons aren’t like any other icon pack on Google play as these are in rectangular vertical form. If you are bored of all those regular looking icons then these are the one for you.

Verticons a rectangular material icon pack consists of drop shadows giving a slight 3D feel to the app drawer. These come in bright colors and also are also compliment your 18:9 ratio display.

Download: Verticons Icon Pack ($1.25)


Stealth, as the name suggests the icons come with dark and vibrant colors which easily blend in with a darker background. Each icon includes a black ring around them given a stealthy feel.

The circular icons are given a unique 3D effect which looks absolutely stunning. For the ones who like to keep their home screen dark and clean, Stealth pack is here for you with a collection of more than 2000 icons.

Download: Stealth Icon Pack ($1.99)


This one includes a collection of more than 6000 minimal icons which are really a masterpiece. Icons are mostly with a flat design and have been designed with creativity which really enhances your app drawer look.

It has a collection of more than 70 unique wallpapers which go hand in hand with the icons provided and you can even make a request of any personal icon you want them to make from the app itself.

Download: Minimalist – Icon Pack ($0.99)


Flax is exactly the opposite of verticons icon pack as these are in horizontal rectangular form. The overall theme is pretty neat and simple include flat card style icons which are of the highest quality.

It has a collection of more than 3200 icons with cloud base wallpapers, each complementing these flat icons in a unique way.

Download: Flax Icon Pack ($0.99)


This one has a collection of more than 4100 Google based manually drawn icons which give an aesthetic feel to your home screen and app drawer.

Icons give out a vintage look with slight under shadows giving it a 3D feel. Retrorika also provides a cloud base wallpaper collection which easily blends in with the provided icons.

Download: Retrorika Icon Pack ($0.99)


Well, you can relate these icons to all the round shaped elements out there, as these round ping-pong looking icons are one of the unique icon packs on Google play.

These are detailed and beautifully looking icons which have a 3D effect to them. Icons however, are limited as of currently only 1400 have been provided but you can easily request for an icon from the app itself.

Download: Wenrum Icon Pack ($0.99)


Funkong is a bit different from other regular icon packs as this one adds in its own unique special effects. It has a collection of more than 1000 icons and each of them has been designed in an efficient way.

Pack also has a collection of high-quality wallpapers which go well with the icons and works well with launchers such as Nova, Apex, Solo AWD, etc.

Download: Funkong Icon Pack ($1.49)


Linex gives out a neony themed vibe with linear outlines of icons which beautifully light up your app drawer and home screen.

There are over 2600 icons provided with high-quality wallpapers to enhance the look of these neon icons. The pack supports almost every launcher on Google plan but goes perfectly well with the Nova Launcher.

Download: LineX Icon Pack ($0.99)


From just the look of the icons, you can simply tell how much effort has been put to create this exquisite pack. Icons give out a 3D feel with long shadows and reflective edges.

Antimo has a unique style and color palette and also provides over 4200 beautifully crafted icons with 40 cloud-based wallpapers to complement each of them.

Download: Antimo Icon Pack ($0.99)


Materialistik brings in a collection of more than 4200 icons inspired by material design. Icons are a combination of dark and light colors used in an effective way and give out a 3D feel. There are over 4200 icons in the pack and 130 cloud-based wallpapers to compliment these minimal icons.

Download: Materialistik Icon Pack ($0.99)


This one contains bright colored round icons with a blend of simplicity. If you just want a simple icon pack with an attractive feel this is the one for you.

It features over 5800 icons with bright and vibrant colors and has a collection of more than 100 wallpapers which go well with the icon pack.

Download: Simplicon Icon Pack ($1.99)

Which one is your favorite premium icon pack?