15 Best Square Icon Packs on Android

Switching to an icon pack is a great way to get a new look for your monotonous looking phone screen and make it seem attractive. To provide for this flexibility of change is the list of Square icon packs that you must try.

Rifon – Icon Pack

Rifon is a classic icon pack that comes with a square flat design. This icon pack comes with thousands of icons to cover almost all your installed apps. Being a paid app, it offers plenty of icons with an option to put an icon mask to apps that are still not covered.

Download: Rifon

Goolors Square – icon pack

Another paid icon pack that leaves you with plenty of options is Goolors Square. It comes with over 4600 icons in 192×192 HD resolution. The app also provides support for dynamic calendars and a total of 330 FlatWallpapers with Muzie support.

Download: Goolors

Voxel – Flat Style Icon Pack

The Vowel flat style icon pack comes with twenty-five icon categories with icon mask option to give you full control over customizing your phone screen. In addition to offering over 4800 HD icons, this app also offers HD wallpapers to further customize your screen.

Download: Voxel

Long Shadow Icon Pack

The Long Shadow covers over 3000 apps and supports most of the custom launches. You can also use the icon masking feature if you don’t find a suitable icon for any of your installed apps.

Download: Long Shadow

Squared Icon Pack

With option for switching to a dynamic calendar is the square icon pack that offers over 1800 square flat icons. Included in its list of features is the muzei live wallpaper support, a collection of over 20 HD cloud wallpapers and dynamic calendar icons.

Download: Squared Icon Pack

Minimal UI – Icon Pack

The minimal UI is one of the flat icon packs that offer a square design. It offers a range of colorful and recognizable icons for your smartphone. In addition to over 2100 icons, it also offers black and white alternatives of flat icons.

Download: Minimal UI

Elta – Flat Style Icon Pack

Elta is an icon pack that supports all the major custom launchers and allows you to choose from a range of 25 icon categories. It provides an icon base of over 4800 icons and also offers a themed mask option for your installed apps.

Download: Elta

Rugos – Freemium Icon Pack

This one is the free version of the Rugos icon pack that offers a base of over 3800 square icons. It comes with dynamic calendar support, a collection of HD wallpapers and an icon request tool for you to get the desired icon for your installed apps.

Download: Rugos

Clix – Icon Pack

Clix is an icon pack that offers HD icons, cloud wallpapers and dynamic calendar to fully customize your screen. Although, this app doesn’t cover an extensive collection of app icons but it offers an icon request tool to allow you to request an icon with a new update.

Download: Clix

H2O Free Icon Pack

You can try the H2O icon pack if you like minimal style icon packs. It is inspired by the style of Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS and is pretty good to try. This icon pack supports most of the custom launchers and comes with alternative app icons to fully customize your phone screen.

Download: H2O

O3 Free Icon Pack

The O3 free icon pack comes with over 4200 app icons that work with most of the famous custom launchers. You can pick it for its minimal design and soft color choices. The app icons make it more favorable to try this app.

Download: O3 Free Icon Pack

OnePlus Icon Pack – Square

For OnePlus Fans, the OnePlus icon pack is a must-try. The icons look stylish and appealing to customize your screen and works with the most custom launchers.

Download: OnePlus Icon Pack

Viola Icon Pack

Viola is another unique icon pack you can consider for its flat square design. It comes with eye-catchy and beautiful colors to further customize your phone screen. It also offers a collection of 26 cloud wallpapers and a dynamic calendar for your phone screen.

Download: Viola

Neon Pixelz – Icon Pack

The neon pixelz can be picked to be teamed with nova launcher, apex launcher, go launcher Ex and more to come up with a uniquely customized phone screen. It comes with a base of over 400 icons with new ones added with every update.

Download: Neon Pixelz

Glasklart – Icon Pack

The Glasklart is a square icon pack that offers white and transparent square icons to customize your phone screen. It also offers HD cloud wallpapers, dynamic calendar support, and an icon request tool to fully customize your phone.

Download: Glasklart

So, pick your favorite square icon pack and begin customizing your phone and do share your liking with us.