What are the best Android apps for animated effects on Android

Animated effects are so much fun to use especially if you get the room to create it for your own visual content. For this, you don’t even need to indulge in the time-consuming process of creating animation on your computer devices.

Thanks to the evolution of the Android industry that has exposed us to endless possibilities. Now, all you need is a simple Android app to create as many animated effects as you want. Here are the best ones you can use to reflect your creativity.

1. XEFX – Photo Animation & Live Wallpaper

With XEFX on your side, you will hardly need a computer app to add realistic special effects to your social media post. This amazing app allows you to convert your images into GIFs, looping videos and even create your own live wallpapers within a matter of seconds.

apps for creating photo animation effects 02

The app offers over 200 effects to cover for any possible style you may need for your images. The app also allows you to edit your images and merge it with dynamic effects for creating interesting Instagram stories.

Download: XEFX – Photo Animation & Live Wallpaper

2. PixaMotion

PixaMotion is another suitable choice for creating interesting visual content. This app offers a variety of features including motion stills, loop videos, and animation effects to help you come up with engaging social media posts.

apps for creating photo animation effects 05

The app enables you to create personalized live wallpapers, theme and moving backgrounds for your lock screen. You can even create short videos with your still images with a touch of suitable filters.

Download: PixaMotion

3. StoryZ Photo Motion & Video Maker

The StoryZ app holds an evident place in the list of best video and photo animation apps. With this app, you can unveil the potential of still images and turn them into an interesting piece of digital art.

apps for creating photo animation effects 04

In addition to creating animated images, StoryZ also allows you to create video stories, animated GIFs and video motion for stunning videography right from your phone. The most innovative feature offered by this app is the ripple that invokes life to your images.

Download: StoryZ Photo Motion & Video Maker

4. Scribbl – Scribble Animation Effect

Scribbl is a super cool app which is ideal to spice up your social media posts or stories with some captivating animated effects. There are various animation effects that you can experiment with and make an animation masterpiece.

apps for creating photo animation effects 01

There are two versions of the app i.e. regular (free) and pro (paid) version. The free version allows you to create impressive animation patterns and styles for images. However, if you wish to include animation effects in your videos then you will have to get the pro version which is undergoing Video Beta test.

Download: Scribbl – Scribble Animation Effect

5. PicsArt Animator: GIF & Video

The PicsArt Animator is one of the best apps on Play Store that allows you to expand your creativity to a whole new level. With this app, you can create animation and make cartoons with an easy to use interface.

apps for creating photo animation effects 03

This app gives you access to a pack of pro animation features without spending a penny from your pocket. You can draw frame by frame animation, use multiple layers for detailed animation or just create a funny GIF within a few seconds.

Download: PicsArt Animator: GIF & Video

Let us know which one is your favorite app to add animation effects on your photos.