Why Is Snapchat Deleting Accounts?

Even though it is counterproductive for a Social Media platform to reduce accounts on its platform, sometimes it is warranted due to unavoidable reasons. So if a social media platform like Snapchat deleted your account without any kind of prior notice or intimation, there might be an extremely good reason behind it. In this article, we will explore why Snapchat is deleting accounts on its platform. 

Why is Snapchat deleting Accounts?

Currently, Snapchat is not on an account deleting spree so there is no need to be concerned about Snapchat deleting accounts. However, the Social Media platform does choose to delete accounts under extenuating circumstances. It is worth noting that sometimes an account might just be locked instead of deleted. 

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What is the difference between a locked account and deleted account?

A locked account is salvageable. This means that you will be able to attempt a log-in but you will be duly informed that your account has been locked. In the case of locked accounts, there are two solutions that will unlock your account. The first option is to wait for 24-hours after your account has been locked and then retry logging into your account.

If Snapchat allows for a login, then you’re fine, however, if you’re still locked out then it’s better to try the second solution. In case you’re permanently locked out, you need to contact Snapchat support and inform them that your account has been locked.

If your account is acceptable, then Snapchat will unlock the account for you but if there are terrible violations, then the account will be locked for good and you will never be able to access it again. This is as good as deletion. 

An account is usually deleted by the user and this decision is very personal. The user chooses to quit Snapchat because they don’t want to maintain a presence here for reasons that could include giving up Social Media entirely or leaving Snapchat specifically due to lack of disuse. Nevertheless, there are circumstances that compel Snapchat to delete an account and we have covered the same in the next section.

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Reasons why Snapchat deletes Accounts

There are circumstances under which Snapchat is compelled to delete an account. These reasons qualify for deletion. 

Your account appears to be fake

Either your account appears to be fake or is actually fake, in which case it is very likely to get reported by the original user to Snapchat. If your account is reported and deemed fake even if it isn’t it will first be locked and eventually deleted unless you are able to prove otherwise. The behavior of the account also plays a very important role. Fake accounts are akin to identity theft and very much frowned upon. They also become a menace when such accounts start spreading false information/propaganda about the actual person. 

You are using an unauthorized third-party app or tweak to access Snapchat or Snapchat services

Applications like SCOthman, Snapchat++, Phantom, Sneakaboo, SnapTools and Emulator are considered to be unauthorized third-party applications. The major problem with these kinds of applications is that they access a user’s private information and there is no guarantee about how secure your information is with such applications. So according to Snapchat’s terms and conditions, using such kind of unauthorized third-party applications can warrant deletion of an account. The platform may only lock your account initially, but if you continue to use such third-party apps, the platform may eventually just delete your account. 

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You haven’t verified your email and phone number

If you haven’t verified your email and phone number for a very long time, then the suspicion of your account being fake increases and compels the platform to take action. In such situations, the platform will lock your account first so you need to request access from support and verify your email and phone number both or at least one of these crucial pieces of information. If you fail to verify your account, then it will be deleted permanently. 

The laws stipulate the deletion of certain types of accounts

In certain countries, the government mandates the deletion of certain types of accounts that violate the laws of the land should be deleted. These could include fake accounts as well as accounts that promote content that is of inflammatory nature that the government wants to shut down. In the case of such accounts, Snapchat will be compelled to delete accounts by law.    

What to do if Snapchat deletes your Account? 

If you really want to restore your account, then it is best to contact Snapchat customer support and request the platform to restore your account. Do note that, unlike locked accounts, it is next to impossible to restore deleted accounts. Once an account is deleted permanently, there is no way to get it back. Deletion is absolute. 

That’s everything there is to know about why Snapchat is deleting accounts. We hope you found this article helpful. Take care and stay safe! 


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  1. My account was deleted by Snapchat and it did not even give me a warning, they deleted my account and all my memories I had on there. I’m beyond mad and cannot believe they deleted without warning. I’m more so pissed because all my memories were deleted and I cannot get them back. I’m hoping I can get my pictures back 😔 those were my pics from 4-5 years ago.

    1. My Snapchat just got deleted i had that account for like 8 years plus smh im pissed

    2. this just happened to me yesterday – 6years of memories. no reason and a generic email in reply

  2. Same here, randomly was told I broke TOS and boom my account was gone. Had memories back from 2016 and snap only friends that now ill ever talk to again. I emailed snap to see if there is anything I can do. Have you had any luck?

  3. My snap was deleted while I was texting some one??? and I had pictures of my friend who recently committed suicide 😡😔

    1. How did you get it back or did you get it back ?

  4. F*** you snapchat, you deleted my account. I hope you enjoy deleting peoples accounts, you’ll get your karma.

  5. It’s some sᴛʀᴀɪɢʜᴛ BULL SHIT for y’all to delete peoples account with ALL / MOST personal memories without any permission or acknowledgment as to WHY you delete our stuff for good ALLLLL because …. We can’t either remember our passwords / emails, or some others as my self don’t have the same phone, different number, lost email etc etc… that’s fucked up!
    Why create something to do that to people who can’t help what’s forgotten or lost so it’s not ever to b recovered!!
    Like many have said fuck y’all fr .. I feel intentions are on purpose!!

  6. They deleted my account literally right after i left the app, and went back in. It said to log back in. I assumed my app was just messing up, but then it wouldn’t let me login. I get a email right after, saying i validated a term and condition but never said what. I lost my kids pictures and family and friends. I fucking hate snapchat and hope whoever made the decision to do this. Burn up 🔥🔥

  7. Why did my account got deleted can you give it back my Snapchat is @da6222

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  9. i cant believe this 5+ years of memories and the best moments of my life gone don’t know why it got deleted my account literally disappeared

  10. I lost my snapchat account al my stuff is on that account

  11. You would think that having an app where people take so many pictures and videos that could be important memories to them that they would have better communication and steps in place if they feel terms were “violated” but no they just straight up delete accounts without consideration of the user it’s horrible customer service

  12. i am able to login right after BET4X on instagram recovered mine successfully

  13. Almost thought I have lost my account forever until I was referred to Passcode_reset via Instagram he got me back into my snap page

  14. So I forgot the password phone and email link to my snap page I was referred to certified__tech01 on instagram and he restored my account in few minutes

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