What Does The Snapchat Number Mean? Everything You Need To Know

Often in one’s influencer narrative, numbers are an important facet that changes the game. The followership, engagement, reach, page visits and other such numbers act as important data that play a role in how one creates one’s content. Different social media platforms, especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide such metrics in detailed monthly/yearly reports to make sure the data is available to you.

Snapchat also allows for access to such metrics, including something that’s super exclusive to the app, the Snapchat Score or the Snapchat number. What does this number mean and how does it work? Here’s everything you need to know.  

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What does the number on your Snapchat profile mean?

The number on your Snapchat profile is called your Snapchat Score. It acts as a metric that you can use to measure your Snapchat engagement in one concise number that Snapchat calculates for you. Snapchat has not specified exactly how this score helps the individual user, nor can we be certain about how the Score is perceived or adds to a user’s credibility on the Snapchat App.

From the looks of it, the score is meant to give you an idea of how much you as a user consume and engage with content on Snapchat. Even other users can check out your Snapchat score to gauge how much you engage on Snapchat and vice versa. 

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What is a Snapchat Score?

Snapchat defines the number on your Snapchat profile as a super-secret, special equation that combines the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received, the Stories you’ve posted, and a couple other factors. 

Basically, the Snapchat score is calculated as per your usage of Snapchat and all its features. When you tap the score itself, you will be able to see the number of snaps you’ve sent and received in the form of two separate numbers. However, if you do try to add these numbers, they won’t equal your final Snapchat score that is visible under your profile.

This is because Snapchat also takes into account other things like how many stories you post, how many users you interact with and even the interaction of other users with your content. The higher the Snapchat score, the more indicative it is of your own engagement levels on Snapchat. 

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How to find out your Snapchat Score

Your Snapchat Score is located on your profile page and fairly simple to locate. Here’s what you need to do. 

Open the Snapchat app and click your profile photo that is present on the top-right section of the page. 

In the first portion where your profile photo appears, you will be able to locate your Snapchat score which is present right under your profile picture, next to the username. 

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How to find the number of snaps you’ve sent and received

Tap the number that represents your Snapchat Score. 

The number will now split into two parts. Both numbers represent different Snapchat metrics. 

The first figure in the set represents the number of Snaps you’ve sent in your entire Snapchat history. 

The second figure in the set represents the number of Snaps you’ve received in your entire Snapchat history. 

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How does the Snapchat Score go up? 

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof method to increase your Snapchat Score. Even Snapchat does not offer a clear and concise explanation regarding how the user’s interaction with the app affects the Snapchat Score. If one considers Snapchat’s formula which is a calculation of the combination of the snaps you’ve sent and received, the stories you have posted and other forms of interaction.

So there is no doubt that the Snapchat Score can be increased by performing these kinds of activities. Here’s everything you need to do in order to increase your Snapchat Score.

  • Take as many snaps as possible and share it with as many friends as you can.
  • The more stories you share, and the more you interact with the app, the higher the chances of your Snapchat Score going up. 
  • Try creating as much unique content as possible. Constantly repeating the same snap will not help your chances. 
  • Engage with famous people on Snapchat. 
  • Avoid too much interaction is Snapchat Groups. There is little to no effect on your Snapscore for group interactions. Keep things as unique as you possibly can. 

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How does your Snapchat Score affect your Snapchat profile? 

Your Snapchat Score is not just purely ornamental despite the lack of usability you get out of it in terms of metrics. However, one major benefit of having a high Snapchat score is that you get to earn Snapchat Trophies. These Trophies are basically special emojis that can only be acquired once you reach a Snapscore milestone.

A low score, while it may not cause any issues, indicates a lack of interaction from the user. This can create an impression of a fake account or unproductive user. So if you are an influencer looking for good engagement on Snapchat, you will be able to. Ironically, low scores aren’t as bad as having tremendously high scores.

If a user has a Snapscore that is in millions, it can cause the user to be perceived as flaky or unreliable. Such users flirt and bail on other users after getting whatever they want from the other user. In such cases, it’s mostly interaction. A high Snapchat score also indicates that the user might be a spammer or click-bait advertiser who’s looking to spread the word about a product. Alternately, they might also be prominent figures on the Social Media platform. 

Of course, while these are popular concerns, it’s best to judge a user based on their overall profile and not just their Snapchat score. Explore the user’s likes and interests and make sure to verify that the account can be followed reliably. You may discover cool and interesting people even in the high Snapscore category. 

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How to find your friend’s Snapchat score

Your friend’s Snapchat score is also available on their profile page. Follow these steps to find out your friend’s Snapchat score. 

Open the Snapchat app on your phone and tap the chat icon that is present at the bottom of the page. 

Once you’re in the chat section, tap the profile picture of the friend whose Snapchat score you want to check. 

If the user is not present on your chat, then tap the Search icon on top.

Type the name of the person whose score you want to check in the search box. Once their name appears in the search list, you can click their profile photo. 

Their Snapscore will be available on their profile.


How to find a stranger’s Snapchat score

 The Snapchat score is a very private number. You can only see the Snapchat score of someone who is your friend on Snapchat. Access to any user’s Snapchat score will only be possible after they have been added to your Snapchat account as a friend. So there is no way to find a stranger’s Snapchat score. 

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Can you hide your Snapchat score? 

Unfortunately, there is no provision or Setting available to help hide your Snapchat score. The only roundabout method that you can do is block/unfriend the other party. According to Snapchat, your Snapchat score is fundamental information that must be freely available to your friends. So there is no way to hide this particular information from them short of blocking them/removing them from your friend list. 

What is the highest Snapchat score? 

In 2021, Snapchat user cris_thisguy recorded the highest Snapscore at upwards of 50,000,000. The user averaged a Snapchat score of 1,000,000 per day and has a Snapchat Score that is only growing. This is not an aspirational Snapscore unless you’re hoping to become a Snapchat influencer.

Even if that is the case, a lesser score that ranges in the thousands is pretty doable. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that a high Snap score does not guarantee influencership, good content plays a very major role too. So make sure that you proceed accordingly. 

We hope you found this article on Snapchat score helpful. Do let us know in the comments in case you have any queries. Take care and stay safe. 


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