LG Optimus G


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No LG Nexus 4 for Taiwan, Optimus G release date fixed for early 2013

Telus Optimus G Release Date set for Nov 13 as other carriers in Canada choose to keep mum

AOKP and Cyanogenmod face a tough job for Optimus G as LG locks down bootloaders

LG says its Optimus G has much better battery life than Samsung Galaxy S3

Sprint Optimus G release date scheduled for November 11, pre-order begins from November 1

Rogers Optimus G Price revealed officially, coming “early November”

LG Jelly Bean Update for Optimus LTE II and Optimus G coming soon, other devices next year

LG E975 clears FCC, US release date for LG Optimus G is very near now

LG Optimus G Specs and Release Date for Docomo Japan. Pre-order starts Oct 12!

LG releases videos of QuickMemo and QSlide features in LG Optimus G