Sprint Optimus G Root Guide

Way to Go!! The LG Optimus G is not been released yet on Sprint, and has already been rooted. If only it could be like this for all devices. Not surprising though, considering this is a hot device, on which the upcoming LG Nexus 4 is based. Apparently, the root method is the same as that for the Korean version of the same phone, and it took Android Central forum member Jerry Hildenbrand quite a bit of patience and Google translate to pull it off, as he had to refer to a Vietnamese forum to get the trick right.

The method has been pulled of a Vietnamese website Di, and is based on a multi-phone exploit created by XDA member Bin4ry. Keep in mind though that the batch script that we would be using here is in Vietnamese, but Jerry has been kind enough to add very specific instructions on how to execute the process.

So let’s move on to see how the Sprint Optimus G can be rooted.


The guide below is compatible only and only with the Sprint LG Optimus G. It won’t work with the AT&T or the unlocked version of the Optimus G


The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and should not be attempted if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. If any damage occurs to your device, we won’t be held liable.

How to Root Sprint Optimus G

  1. First, download and install the drivers for the phone on your computer. You will need to unzip/extract the downloaded file, then install the drivers.  Download Drivers
  2. Next download the Root Exploit File and extract it to your desktop.  Download Root File
  3. On your phone, Go to Settings » Developer options and enable USB Debugging (make sure its ticked).
  4. Plug the phone into your computer, and make sure that Windows see the device’s adb connection correctly. To check this you can open a DOS windows and type the command:    adb devices  If you get a string of alphanumeric characters in return, it means your ADB connection is fine.
  5. Now Open the folder you extracted to the desktop in Step 2, right click on the RootOptimusG.bat file, and choose Run as administrator. This will initiate the script and open up a DOS window.
  6. You’ll see this first — Nhan “y” neu ban muon root, nhan “n” de thoat: type the letter Y,  and then Press Enter.
  7. Next you’ll see some English and some Vietnamese text. When you see “Press any key to continue…” press any key
  8. Now in the DOS window, you’ll see  “Nhan chon “Restore my data” tren man hinh dien thoai!” then wait for input. Look at your phone, tap the button that says “Restore my data”.
  9. Your phone will reboot twice while the data is restored and the root exploit is applied, and once it reboots back to the OS, download Root Checker from the Play Store, and run it to verify if you are successfully rooted.

That’s it. Have fun with your rooted Sprint LG Optimus G, and stay tuned with us for more nifty things you can do with this beast of a phone.

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