LG releases videos of QuickMemo and QSlide features in LG Optimus G

LG left no stone unturned when it came to the hardware of the Optimus G, with its powerful quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor or the 4.7-inch True HD display, but the software wasn’t overlooked either. LG added some great software features to the device, and they have now released videos showing off the QuickMemo and QSlide features, in the LG Optimus Innovation Cube series of videos.

The QuickMemo is perhaps the most useful feature LG have added, as it allows you to bring up the memo app from anywhere on the phone, take notes on it in both text and graphical form, then use the data entered in a memo in other apps on the phone, for example copying a phone number from the memo to the dialer app.

The other feature is QSlide which essentially shows two apps on the screen simultaneously. For example, when watching a video, you can open up the Messaging app on top of the video player and message someone while simultaneously watching the video on the background. QSlide basically makes one of the apps transparent so you can fully use two different apps at once.

There’s no denying that these features are very useful and LG has done a great job adding them to the Optimus G. Watch both features in action in the videos below.