LG-E960 passes through FCC. Think it’s the LG Optimus G Nexus?

LG-E960 Optimus G Variant

This is getting interesting day by day. The rumors of a LG branded Nexus are coming in hot and we’re making sure of collecting every tiny piece of information that could help the community to form a bigger picture for the next Nexus.

It just came to our attention that the LG-E960 passed through on October 2 with the FCCID being ZNFE960.

Now the model number of the global LG Optimus G is E974 so the E960 comes close to it leaving us to guess it’s a variant of Optimus G. However the number goes backward in the series, which could mean it’ll be a slighlty lite variant of the device and that’s exactly what the 8MP variant of Optimus G is.

We heard it yesterday from Android And Me that the Optimus G Nexus might have an 8MP camera, and it doesn’t comes surprising since Google will definitely try keep the cost down for the Nexus phone.

So it could be possible that the LG-E960 is the model number of the Nexus phone from LG. It also supports the rumor that LG’s Nexus will be based on Optimus G. Or it could just be the normal 8MP variant of the Optimus G itself. What do you think?

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