LG E975 clears FCC, US release date for LG Optimus G is very near now

LG seems to be stepping on the gas with regards to the global release of the much awaited LG Optimus G, along with a number of its regional and carrier-specific variants.

Another LG device, model numbered LG-E975, has made the cut through the FCC. Based on the GSM Frequencies that are mentioned in the specifications (GSM 850/1900), it would appear that this is an Optimus G variant meant for one of the regions which operates on that band or for a specific carrier in that region. Specific details are not available at this point in time, but I guess we will all know soon enough.

With Optimus G variants getting approved one after the other over the past few days, and with major US carriers like AT&T and Sprint already geared up, the US release date seems imminent, right on time ahead of the holiday season.

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  1. Now it’s clear, when we look LTE band, it’s easy to see that the E975 will be for europa (France (LTE B7/B20), Germany(LTE B3)… )

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