Get 50% discount deal on Samsung Accessories by registering your Samsung device in the U.S.

Bought a brand new Samsung smartphone/tablet in the U.S and looking to complement it with some accessories? If the answer is yes, then Samsung has a great offer going on that will get you a 50% discount on official Samsung accessories, after you register your device on the Samsung website.

For the Galaxy Note 2, the offer is valid up to December 21st, and while the offer is said to work with other devices like the Galaxy S3, the expiry date may vary. The offer is limited to 10 items per shipping address, which should be more than enough to get all the accessories you’d like at half price for all the Samsung devices you or members of your family own.

So what are you waiting for? Hit the source link below and register your Samsung device to get that 50% discount coupon in your email. Do let us know if it works for your device or not.

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