ONG meaning on TikTok Explained, Usage Guide, and Top 5 Similar terms

It’s easy to lose track of conversations on social media if you’re not keeping up with the colloquialisms of the day. For better or worse, internet slangs are a huge part of everyday conversations and we have a lot of lazy typers to thank for it. 

Internet slangs go in and out of fashion depending on their virality and the platform you’re on. Back in the day, these texting slangs were limited to the casual ‘AFK’s, ‘TTYL’s, and ‘LOL’s. But, as new social media platforms emerge, so do slangs peculiar to it. 

On TikTok, if you’ve ever come across the acronym ONG and wondered what it meant, you’re not alone. What does it really mean and how to use it in context? Here’s everything you need to know.

What does ONG mean on TikTok?

Deceptively similar to ‘OMG’ (Oh my god!), ONG can be dismissed as nothing more than a typo by those who’re not in the loop. But regular TikTok users know that ONG exists on its own and has a specific meaning. 

ONG, or ‘On God‘ is a common internet slang that’s gone viral lately on TikTok. Consider it the shorthand for “I swear to God”, used specifically to show approval or to emphasize a statement. 

If you see someone use ONG, you can be sure that that person is trying to emphasize a point or being honest. 

ONG can also be thought to mean something else entirely. For instance, in situations when something is out of your control, one can say it’s not on them, but rather “On God” – that it’s God’s responsibility. But this is not the usage that you’d find on TikTok or other social media platforms, or only very rarely. 


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How to use ONG on TikTok?

Abbreviated slangs have a tendency of being overused, especially when they’re in vogue. Though it is only natural to use new words to express ourselves better, there is nothing worse than using something confidently but falsely. 

When using ONG, think of it as replacing “I swear to God” in a sentence. Anytime you’re in a situation that warrants an assertion or agreement on your part, or undeniable honesty, simply add “ONG” at the end of your sentence. 

For instance, when I say – “The only reason I attend weddings is to eat free ice cream, ONG” – you can be sure I really like ice cream. 


Not Bc u a “ hoe “ #foryou #fyp elfMagicAct #male #friends #like #ong #lmao #foryourpage #4u #parati

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5 TikTok slangs similar to ONG

Just as ONG has been making the rounds in our collective lexicon, there are a few other TikTok slangs that you should know about to stay on top of the conversation and avoid uninformed responses. Let’s look at a few of them and what they mean.  

#1: Finna

Short for “fixing to“, Finna is one of those slang words that’s managed to ease its way into daily conversations, both offline and online. Though not of a social media origin, you will see people using “finna” on online platforms frequently, especially when they’re ‘fixing to’ do something particular. 

Example: “I’m finna sleep all day today, it’s Sunday after all!” 

#2: Bet

Not to be mistaken with a gambling wager, ‘Bet’ is used frequently in response to a challenge. Think of it as replacing “just wait and watch” or “you’ll see” in a sentence. Here’s an example:

“There’s no way you’ll convince her to go out with you.”

“Well, bet.”

#3: ASL

If you were to ask someone what ASL meant a decade ago, they’ll say it’s what you type when asking someone for their “Age, Sex, and Location”, mostly on Omegle.

But those days are long gone, and the once borderline creepy acronym now means something entirely different on TikTok. Standing in for “as hell“, ASL is an intensifier that you’ll see people use when emphasizing a point.

Example: Jackson guitars are dope asl!

#4: No Cap

This one is quite basic, in that “No Cap” is just standing in for “no lie“. It’s not really an abbreviation to assist lazy typers for it’s just replacing a three-letter word with another one. Nevertheless, it’s still slang that’s well assimilated in the social media lexicon.

Example: “Tell me the whole story again, and no caps.”

#5: Fit

Short for “outfit“, Fit is commonly used when referring to the clothes that someone is wearing. 

Example: “I’ve got my fit ready for the day. Where’s yours?”

Owing to their ease of usage, slangs have a knack for proliferating through social media platforms with relative ease. The origin of many of these slangs can be tied to social media platforms themselves, while others are made popular through them.

Being aware of the slang that others are using in online conversations won’t just save your skin but also keep you hip. Just make sure you limit the use of slang on social media platforms or when chatting with friends on messenger apps. Don’t let it spill over to your professional life.