What Are The Roses on Tiktok Live?

Tiktok has long been a controversial social media platform since its rise to fame in 2020. Banned in a few regions, the platform still manages to rake in millions of users each day with revenue streams to help everyone along the way. If you have been on Tiktok lately then you might have noticed certain stickers adorning every live stream. A popular one that you might have spotted could be ‘roses’. So what are these roses and what do they mean? Let’s find out!

What are roses on TikTok?

Roses are a form of new revenue stream for influencers on Tiktok called ‘Gifts’. Gifts are awarded to streamers by viewers if they like the creator’s content. Each award received is then converted to diamonds in the creator’s account which can then be used for further purchases within Tiktok.

What are gifts on TikTok?

Gifts are appreciation badges or awards that help you appreciate your streamers and creators. You can purchase gifts through coins within Tiktok. Coins can be purchased through in-app purchases within the app. Gifts can be exchanged for a certain number of guys and depending on how much you like a creator, the more expensive the gift can get.

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How to send gifts

It’s quite simple to send gifts on Tiktok. Simply visit the desired live stream and tap on the ‘Giftbox’ at the bottom right corner of your screen. Now tap and select the gift you wish to award and it will automatically show up in the current live feed. The creator will be notified about the gift and username for the same as well.

Are there free gifts?

Unfortunately for now there are no free gifts that you can avail in Tiktok. New users get access to a few introductory gifts but that is as far as the boat goes. If you wish to get gifts within Tiktok, then you will need to make some in-app purchases and get some coins. These coins can then be exchanged for gifts which can then be awarded to your favorite streamers. 

How do gifts get me revenue?

If you are a creator then the gifts you receive can be easily converted to Diamonds. Diamonds are a form of in-app currency in Tiktok that helps you redeem them for real-world currency. Each diamond on Tiktok is worth 5 cents which means that 100 diamonds will give you $50.

If you have coins then they are 50% the value of diamonds, which means that 100 coins will get you 50 diamonds and 50 coins will get your 25 diamonds and so on. This way, the more gifts you are awarded, the more diamonds you will get, and the more diamonds you have, the more currency you can redeem and add to your revenue. 

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    1. THANK YOU!! I also wanted to correct this calculation, but saw you already did! Guess math skills aren’t important these days…

  1. How is 100 diamonds worth $50 if each diamond is worth 5 cents? Misleading information. Take this article down or edit it.

  2. Your math is off by a decimal point. This is obviously cut and pasted from the misinformation on the Google search landing page for diamond value. You’re ALL WRONG. Correct is 100 x .05 = 5.00

  3. So,on a 9.99 charge on my CV for a rose gift,who makes more streamers or owners of tic-tok,OK all these girls ,except one ,said they receive money in there pay-pal account OK these girls are getting9.99 rose gifts every 5to 10 seconds ,OK a popular girl could raske in thousands in an hour if hundreds and hundreds are sending 9.99 rose gifts OK I don’t want to send a 9.99 rose gift if tic-tok owners are getting most of it OK its a big scam on all the guys ,around the world ,watching cute girls exposing there breasts OK a big big scam OK most all these girls say they make nothing ,if so I’d love a refund ok

  4. Why would a guy give the creators of tic-toc a 50%,commission OK anyway ,so you just confirmed to me if a guy sends a 9.99 rose gift ,then the girl get half of the 9.99gift in there pay-pal acct,correct OK so one popular girl I seen was getting a rose gift ,every 3,damm seconds for an hour,OK that’s well over thousands of dollars from suckers OK all this is is a way for chinas creators to scam us out of money every day OK I bet tic-tok pulls in 25,million a day ,or week ,in commissions OK so post on tic-tok,OK our girls get50,percent on rose gifts0f 9.99 OK and tic-tok gets a 50 percent commission OK the girls are then lying out of there teeth ,when they say ,they get zero OK if they get zero,then you get zero,OK which is a lie,cause you already told me tic-tok makes a 50%commision OK

  5. Well, thanks for nothing. I don’t believe any information in this article now since you think 100 × .05 is 50.

  6. Your platform is so confusing, I don’t mind donating to the artist, but they should receive a bigger portion of the proceeds, shouldn’t they? Maybe if you explain it to me, I could understand it better and would be willing to buy into more of your feeds. Especially brian hanson music.

  7. Thanks to all “math wizards” on this post…no matter the equation, how much for a bj:)

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