OnePlus update: Stable Android 8.1 Oreo is available for OnePlus 5 and 5T

OnePlus Oreo rollout

Update [January 31, 2018]: New Open beta updates were releases for the OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 3, and OnePlus 3T. OnePlus added iPhone X-like gesture controls for navigation with the Open beta 31, 22, 5 and 3 for the OnePlus 3, 3T, 5 and 5T respectively, along with fixes for Spectre and Meltdown security issue. These the beta updates OnePlus recently rolled out.

That’s not all, though: OnePlus is also rolling out stable updates, among which, while the OnePlus 5 is receiving Face Unlock (now available for all users), the OnePlus 5T users are receiving official Android Oreo update.

Update [January 16, 2018]: OnePlus has released a new Open beta update for its OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T, OnePlus 5, and OnePlus 5T handsets. The new update comes as Open beta 30, 21, 4 and 2 to OnePlus 3, 3T, 5 and 5T respectively. The update adds OnePlus Switch (their backup and restore app) to all these devices, but, the OnePlus 3 and 3T users get the Face Unlock feature with this one.

There are many other changes that are part of this update, too. The launcher has been upgraded to v2.3, and that also sees it get features like Auto Folder, Drawer categories, Dynamic Icon for Clock, Notification dot optimization. The clipboard function is getting a new feature where once you copy something, you will get a menu with these options: Search, Translate, or Share. The file manager app and Dial app have received optimizations too, apart from the general fixes in power consumption.

OnePlus is among the most user-loved brands, and it’s hard to believe they less than five years old given their expertise in smartphone manufacturing to distribution to proper and timely software updates. And this shows with their Oreo ambitions too – they, apart from Nokia, are the only Android OEM whose Android 8.0 work is visible to us, thanks to leaks occurring in the past few weeks.

OnePlus Android 8.0 Update List

Device Oreo Update Eligibility Expected Release Date
OnePlus 3 Eligible Released on 19 Nov 2017
OnePlus 3T Eligible Released on 19 Nov 2017
OnePlus 5 Eligible Released on 24 Dec 2017
OnePlus 5T Eligible Released on 31 Jan 2018
OnePlus 2 Not eligible
OnePlus One Not eligible
OnePlus X Not eligible

OnePlus 5 and 5T Oreo update

OnePlus 5 Android 8.0 release

Released on: 24th December 2017, for OnePlus 5. Official Oreo available for the OnePlus 5T, too (31 Jan 2018).

Update [April 16, 2018]: After a month of beta testing, OnePlus has now started rolling out the stable Android 8.1 Oreo to OnePlus 5 and 5T. The two are receiving the update as part of OxygenOS 5.1 update, which also installs April 2018 security patches.

OnePlus 5 Oreo update

The two handsets get the same features, too, but the 5T has an upper hand in that it’s the only one that gets support for full-screen gestures. Check out the full changelog here.

Update [January 31, 2018]: OnePlus 5T users are receiving official Android Oreo update, finally! While, OnePlus 5 users are receiving Face unlock update under the stable release now.

Update [December 30, 2017]: OnePlus has finally given a taste of Oreo to OnePlus 5T users. Available as beta, the Oreo update can be now be downloaded and installed manually — see here. It comes as OxygenOS Open beta 1 and we expect the public release of 5T Oreo to arrive before the end of January 2018.

You can download the OnePlus 5T Oreo beta from here, where we have also provided the instructions to install it easily. If you ever wish to go downgrade back to Nougat, check out our Oreo to Nougat rollback guide here.

OnePlus 5T Oreo beta released

Update [December 24, 2017]: The OnePlus 5 Oreo is available for the public, as OnePlus is now rolling out Android 8.0 OTA to the masses. if you wish to download and install it manually, keep an eye on our OnePlus 5 Oreo download page here.

As regards OnePlus 5T though, there are no signs or Oreo yet, a snot even a beta update is available. That’s not a worry though, as we have a feeling that the 8.0 update for the 5T too is nearing release. it could be a few weeks away, but it should definitely be out in early part of January 2018.

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OnePlus 3 and 3T Oreo update

Released on: 20 November 2017

Update [November 20, 2017]: The Oreo update is now available for the OnePlus 3/3T users around the world. It’s been available as a beta for those chose to install and test the beta version, but the update has hit stable release now and is available to the public.

In case you haven’t received the notification to update to Android 8.0 on your OnePlus 3 or 3T, you can download it, and manually install it using our guide. In case you don’t find Oreo likable, you can even go back to Nougat using this page.

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OnePlus 2 Oreo update

Expected release date: Not eligible

OnePlus 2 is no longer eligible for the Oreo update. The device is quite old to be supported with major Android OS updates, and thus we can’t really blame OnePlus for ignoring the Android 8.0 build for the OnePlus 2.

But, there is a hope of light still alive for the device. Thanks to the custom ROM market that Android enjoys, there is a custom ROM already available for the OnePlus 2, which gets its users a taste of Oreo.

Based on Android 8.0, the LineageOS 15 ROM is available for the OnePlus 2. We are sure more ROMs based on Oreo would become available for the device, and the LineageOS ROM should become more stable over time too.

OnePlus X Oreo update

Expected release date: November 2017

OnePlus X is not a candidate for the Oreo either. In fact, it didn’t even receive Nougat.

Right now, any custom ROM is now available either for the OnePlus X that would install the Android 8.0 on the device. However, we hope that a build of LineageOS 15 ROM becomes available for the device pretty soon.

Expect the Android 8.0 custom ROM to hit the device before October-end, and an official build of the LineageOS 15 from the team itself, by the end of December 2017. Know that it’s not the official update from OnePlus, as it’s a custom ROM known as LineageOS 15, which has been released for many devices already. Check out the link below.

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OnePlus One Oreo update

Expected release date: Not eligible

If you have a OnePlus One around you, you can install Android 8.0 Oreo update on it thanks to LineageOS 15 ROM.

Given how much old OnePlus 1 is, you cannot expect OnePlus to work on its Oreo OTA, but hey, at least there is some consolation in the form of custom ROMs.

What to expect in OnePlus Oreo update?

Well, one of the most loved features of OxygenOS is its love for stock UI. That wouldn’t change with the Android 8.0 either.

On the OxygenOS 5.0 version, which would have Android 8.0.0 underneath it, you would see the same stock Android UI that you see on Pixel sets. Sure, OnePlus would install their own features here and there, which is good, because stock Android can surely use some.

Other than that, you get all new features that are part of the Google’s Oreo build. There are some incredibly useful features added to Oreo, like Autofill, picture-in-picture, new Settings app, notification snooze, notification badges, etc. besides the solid performance improvements that Android 8.0 brings.

So tell us your thoughts on the OnePlus Oreo update and OxygenOS 5.0.

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