Moto Z3 Android 10 update, security updates, and more: Verizon rolls out February patch for Z3

Moto Z3 Play-1

Moto Z3 and Moto Z3 Play were 2018’s flagship devices for Motorola. Both were launched with Android 8.0 Oreo but have been updated to Android 9 Pie. So, will they get a second OS update in Android 10? When launching the Moto Z4 in June 2019, the company made it clear that the Z4 will receive only one OS update but thankfully, that doesn’t apply (not confirmed, BTW) to the Z3 sets. Let’s find all we know about the Moto Z3 Android 10 update and the recently released security updates.

Will Moto Z3 get Android 10 update?

  • Motorola now has a single OS update policy for the Moto Z series, starting with Z4
  • Z3 sets shall get two OS updates, the second one being Android 10

Motorola recently moved to a single-update-only policy even for its flagship devices, making it clear when they released the Z4, whose only OS update will be Android 10. But thankfully, they didn’t say anything about applying the policy to Motorola Z3 an Z3 Play both of which have already received their an OS update in Pie.

So, even though Motorola hasn’t revealed a release date plan yet, it seems both the Moto Z3 and Moto Z3 Play are on course to receive Android 10 update.

Moto Z4 Android 10 release date

When will Motorola Z3 get Android 10?

  • Z3’s Android 10 update shouldn’t be delayed much, unlike Z2’s Pie
  • Q1 2020 release looks likely (unconfirmed)
  • Z3 Play may get Android 10 a month after Z3

Well, the Z3 is not the first device in the line anymore for the latest OS update as that status now goes to this year’s Moto Z handset, the Z4. In fact, even the Moto G7 series may get the Android 10 update before it’s available for the Verizon Z3 users in the US.

Moto released the Android Pie update for the Z2 Force (for Verizon only, ignoring other carriers) only by July 25, which is about 10 months after Google released the update. But we hope that this time, the Android 10 update for the Z3 would arrive much sooner than Z2’s Pie, mainly because Android 10 release is happening at a much faster pace compared to any previous OS update, many thanks to Google for holding a larger Android Q (10) beta program. More on this in the section right below.

We expect Motorola to begin the Z3 Android 10 rollout sometime in January 2020. But even if luck is not on our side, Q1 2020 seems appropriate enough for Motorola to come up with at least Android 10 soak test program both in the US and globally.

As regards Moto Z3 Play, it will receive Android 10 update only after it’s rolling out for the Z3 first. The delay could be of a month, most probably.

Why Z3 Android 10 update won’t be delayed like last year’s OS update?

Last year, Z2 received Pie only after a lot of delays. But things could change this year., They should be. While there’s a still a long wait for Z3 Android 10 update, the good thing is that this year, with Android 10, OEMs look like releasing the OS update much more quickly than any time in the history. Here’s why we say that. OnePlus has already released Android 10 for its OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7 as beta, while Samsung looks all set to release the Android 10 update anytime now for the S10, or even the Note 10.

Even Xiaomi has released Android 10 for one device (Redmi K20 Pro) in its large portfolio, and not to be left behind, Huawei is also ready to begin the Android 10 beta rollout with EMUI 10.

But, except Samsung, most of the OEMs we mention above part of the Android 10 beta program (Android Q beta program, then). Something which, like Samsung, Motorola skipped. But that doesn’t mean Motorola must be lagging behind. As Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Android 10 leak shows that the development has been steady for the device, we can say all the same about Moto Z4, which means rollout should be earlier than usual.

If Motorola is able to release Android 10 for its first device sooner than usual, that is good news for Moto Z3 users too as they can expect less delay.

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Moto Z3 Android 10 soak test

We fully expect Motorola to launch an Android 10 soak test program to enable a limited set of users to apply for beta testing the update on their Z3. This will help Motorola test and build a better stable build before releasing it to the public.

We expect the Android 10 soak test program for Moto Z3 to go live anytime in December 2019/January 2020.

Software update timeline

Moto Z3

Date Software version Changelog
11 Oct 2019 NA | Android 9 October 2019 security patch announced
11 Sep 2019 PDXS29.84-42-3 | Android 9 September 2019 security patch for Verizon Moto Z3
14 Aug 2019 NA | Android 9 August 2019 security patch
26 Jun 2019 NA | Android 9 June 2019 security patch
23 May 2019 PDXS29.84-30-3| Android 9  May 2019 security patch
02 Apr 2019 PDX29.84-30 | Android 9 Installs Android 9 Pie with support for 5G Moto Mod and March 2019 security patch
22 Jan 2019 ODX28.66-18-6-2 | Android 8.1 January 2019 security patch and Wi-Fi Calling support
27 Dec 2018 ODXS28.66-18-6 | Android 8.1 December 2018 security patch
21 Aug 2018 ODXS28.66-18-1 | Android 8.1 August 2018 security patch
02 Aug 2018 ODXS28.66-18 | Android 8.1 Pre-installed

Verizon Moto Z3

Date Software version — Changelog
06 Mar 2020 PDXS29.84-51-6 — February 2020 security patch
17 Jan 2020 PDXS29.84-51-3 — December 2019 security patch
27 Dec 2019 PDX29.84-51 — October 2019 security patch

Moto Z3 Play

Date Software version Changelog
06 Nov 2019 Android 9 November 2019 security patch announced
29 Oct 2019 Android 9 September 2019 security patch
26 Aug 2019 Android 9 September 2019 security patch announced
06 Jun 2019 Android 9 Android 9 Pie for retail Z3 Play units in the US
17 May 2019 Android 8.1 May 2019 security patch in the U.S.
25 Apr 2019 Android 9 Pie Motorola is rolling out Android 9 Pie and April 2019 security update in the U.S. Brings things like new navigation gestures, adaptive battery, adaptive brightness, and more
16 Feb 2019 Android 9 Pie Installs Android 9 Pie update in Brazil. More markets to follow
09 Feb 2019 Android 9 Pie Motorola is rolling out Android 9 Pie update and February 2019 patch in the U.S. Brings things like new navigation gestures, adaptive battery, adaptive brightness, and more [CANCELED]
20 July 2018 OCW28.70-47 | Android 8.1 Stability improvements (MR1)

Sprint Moto Z3 Play

Date Software version — Changelog
10 Feb 2020 PCWS29.85-36-10 — January 2020 security patch
19 May 2019 OCWS28.70-61-7 — March 2019 security patch
22 Jan 2019 OCWS28.70-61-4 — January 2019 security patch

What are your thoughts on Motorola’s software updates? Think Motorola will release Android 10 for Moto Z3 by Q1 2020?

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  1. Totally screwed up my phone

  2. Still waiting for Pie on my Z3 Play.

  3. My Verizon Z3 battery life took a crap – I can’t say for sure that it was the latest security update, but this is the first time in almost a year that I’ve noticed it dropping as much as 15% per hour, or more! It used to go all day and still be at 60-70% at dinnertime. today, it was at 23% after about 3 hours.

  4. moto sure lies alot to its customers… shameful

  5. Z2 Force stopped getting updates after July 1st 2019. It’s a computer. It should have updates for at least four years.

  6. “Think Motorola will release Android 10 for Moto Z3 by Q1 2020?”

    Well I think that, that is a definite NO!

    Thoes money grubbing folks are just going that we give up or perfectly working phones and go your and but new.
    My phone is great and I want the promised update so my phone will work more smoothly with my new truck without having to physically connecting it.

  7. Hi, I am still waiting for the Android 10 update for my Z3 Play. I need it for the use with Office365. that needs the security-patch from the 2021-02-01.

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