Motorola Moto Z4 updates: Version 6.5 update by Verizon fixes issues with Bluetooth and Call Filter app

Motorola Moto Z4 software update

This is our Moto Z4 software update page where we share with you all the updates released for the device. You get ‘update timeline’ tables for the unlocked and Verizon variants, which show you the updates released thus far. We also talk Android 10 stuff, that is the next and only big update for the Moto Z4 users as they won’t be getting Android 11 update. Let’s see it all.

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Android 10 update


When will Moto Z4 get Android 10 update

  • March 31: Verizon rolls out Android 10 for its Motorola Moto Z4 as version QDF30.130-42
  • March 18: Stable update rolled out for unlocked Moto Z4

Finally, on March 31, the Android 10 update was released for the Verizon Moto Z4 too. It had been available for the unlocked model for a couple of weeks already. The software version of Verizon’s Android 10 update is QDF30.130-42.

Android 10 Dark Mode

What’s new in Moto Z4 Android 10 update

Well, everything that Google packs into Android 10 will be part of the Moto’s Android 10 update for the Z4.

Android 10 gets you cool features like Dark mode, improved gestures, optimized sharing menu, Bubbles, live caption, better permissions management, Accent colors and themes, and more.

Software update timeline

Here’s a list of software updates for the unlocked and Verizon Moto Z4

Unlocked Z4

Release date Software version — Changelog
18 Mar 2019 QPF 30.130-15-7 — Android 10 update, January 2020 security patch
05 Dec 2019 NA — December 2019 security patch announced, Stability improvement
19 Nov 2019 NA — December 2019 security patch announced
18 Nov 2019 NA — November 2019 security patch announced, Bug fixes and stability improvement
06 Nov 2019 NA — October 2019 security patch announced
20 Sep 2019 NA — September 2019 security patch
14 Aug 2019 NA — Fingerprint enhancements, Wi-Fi improvements, June 2019 security patch
04 Jun 2019 NA — The first software update fixes bugs and improves the stability of the phone

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Verizon Z4

Release date Software version — Changelog
02 Jul 2020 QDF30.130-42-5 — Fixes for Bluetooth issues and Call Filter app; Smart Updates, and UI improvements
01 Jun 2020 QDFS30.130-42-1-2 00 — May 2020 security patch
31 Mar 2020 QDF30.130-42 — Android 10 update: Gesture navigation, System-wide Dark mode, Improved notification delivery, Wi-Fi joining through QR code, Easier volume control; March 2020 security patch
17 Feb 2020 PDFS29.105-74-10 — January 2020 security patch
08 Jan 2020 PDFS29.105-74-4 — December 2019 security patch
14 Nov 2019 PDF29.105-74 — Call audio improvements, October 2019 security patch
22 Aug 2019 PDF29.105-25-20 — August 2019 security patch; Fixes issues with Technicolor devices, improves fingerprint sensor performance
13 Jun 2019 PDF29.105-25-11 — May 2019 security patch and improved stability when 5G Moto Mod is connected to the phone

Will Moto Z4 get Android 11 update

Nope. Sadly, Motorola has no desire to do so. The company has already confirmed that they plan to release only one OS update for the Moto Z4, and that would be Android 10.

Hence, unless something changes Motorola’s mind, they won’t release Android 11 for Moto Z4.

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