Is TiktokFame legit?

Is Tiktokfame legit

Social media sites are built on the Fear Of Missing Out. From multi-faceted sites like Facebook to short video-sharing platforms like TikTok β€” all social media sites bank on your “happy hormones,” Dopamine, to keep thriving. Soon enough, supplement companies started using the same philosophy to grab your hard-earned dollars, promising to satisfy your insatiable desire for fame and recognition.

Today, we’ll take a look at one such supplement service — like Highstar — that has become pretty popular with avid TikTokers. So, without further ado, let’s give you a rundown of TikTokFame and decode whether its offerings make any sense.

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What is TikTokFame?

Like all other social networking sites, TikTok, too, encourages you to have fame and followers. Not only does it give your self-esteem a tangible boost, but it also helps to promote your business.

To garner more views, followers, and likes, it’s important to be seen on the platform. And that’s exactly where comes in. It supposedly gives you “real” likes, vies, and fans, helping you unlock your true potential. Yes, TikTokFame won’t create engaging content on your behalf, but the allure of new likes and fans is still undeniable to some.

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How much does it cost?

TikTokFame isn’t a charity, of course, and charges a sizable premium for its services. Depending on what you are looking for β€” views, likes, or fans β€” you could end up spending as much as $18.99.


TikTokFame offers 100 fans for $4.99 and 500 for $15.99. It’s a one-time fee and the fans are credited to your account 10-30 seconds after the payment through PayPal goes through.


There are three TikTokFame packages for likes β€” 100 likes for $2.99, 500 likes for $11.99, and 1000 likes for $18.99.


Finally, views are on sale, too, on TikTokFame. Here, you get four options to choose from β€” 100 views for $1.47, 500 views for $4.47, 1000 views for $7.47, and 5000 views for $13.47.

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Is TikTokFame legit?

You’ve seen the prices and their assurances, but they don’t answer the real question β€” “is it legit?” The answer, however, might not be as simple as a yes or no.

As per our digging, TikTokFame has worked like a charm for most buyers but not for all. Few TikTokers on TrustPilot has thanked TikTokFame for its swiftness, while others have called it fraudulent.

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Here, you can see this user lauding the service:

While this user is seen calling out the service for threatening emails:

As we’d said, it’s hard to give a definite answer here, but we wouldn’t bank on it. There is no such thing as free followers.

If you want to gain followers and high video views and you can spend more time and effort on trying to get on the FYP. That will get you thousands of followers and millions of video views — all legit — directly from TikTok.


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