Is the TikTok Apple Juice real? All you need to know!

Is the TikTok Apple Juice real

TikTok, as we all know, is the one true safe haven for flashy moves and quirky trends. Every other day a new trend pops up and avid TikTokers get down to mining views, likes, and shares.

Today, we’re going to take a look at one such “magical” trend β€” Apple juice bottle β€”that has sent the world of TikTok into a frenzy. So, without further ado, let’s uncover the mystery behind the elusive fake/real apple juice.

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What is the Apple Juice TikTok trend?

Newly-launched Martinelli’s Apple Juice PET bottle supposedly mimics a live apple when you take a bite. Yes, there’s no practical reason to take a bite off a plastic bottle, but TikTokers seem to have made a trend out of it.

Thousands of users have been buying Martinelli’s apple juice to do the TikTok challenge β€” just like the TikToker below β€” and posting their disbelief.



♬ original sound – Kaylaclaxton

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Is it a lip-sync trick?

TikTok is the leading short video-sharing platform on the planet, and it didn’t get to the top only by hosting authentic videos. So, it’s perfectly natural to question the authenticity of this new trend.

Given how adept users are at making their videos believable, lip-syncing to a sound of an apple β€” taking a bite off it β€” doesn’t seem too far fetched. However, in this particular case, there’s no lip-syncing involved.


it was only $5 #martinellis #fyp #applejuice #foryoupage #natureathome

♬ original sound – leah johnston

Does the Apple Juice bottle really make the bite sound?

Weird as it is, the new Martinelli’s Apple Juice PET bottle actually makes that *crunch* sound, just like a real apple. It’s an ingenious marketing trick from Martinelli’s, and we believe it has worked even better than they had imagined.

How does it work?

TikTok user, “@iconiccpinkk,” shed light on the mysterious Martinelli’s Apple Juice and demonstrated its working principle. As explained by the TikToker, Martinelli’s is using three layers of plastic at one side of the bottle, which, when pressed hard β€” like when someone’s biting on it β€” makes that satisfying apple-bite noise. It’s simple, genius, and definitely worth having a TikTok trend over!


I was surprised to find out that the bottle has 3 layers of plastic #foryou #martinelli #applejuice

♬ original sound – Munera

Where to buy TikTok Apple Juice?

You can buy in online stores like Amazon, Costco, Target, Walmart, and Kroger, among others.

β–Ί Buy TikTok Apple Juice

What are your thoughts on TikTok’s Apple Juice trend? What is it for you, juicy or dicey?

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