Straight TikTok vs Elite TikTok: What sets them apart and does it matter?

Straight TikTok vs Elite TikTok

You may love it or you may hate it, but you simply can’t ignore the impact TikTok has had on the social networking scene. TikTok isn’t half as refined as YouTube, and it surely produces cringe-worthy content more often than not. However, when it comes to freedom and accessibility, no other video-sharing platform comes close to TikTok.

Any enthusiast — irrespective of region, type of mobile device, or expertise — can join TikTok and share their first video in a matter of minutes. The platform offers enough tools to make your content engaging, and the community, too, is always eager to lend a helping hand.

To outsiders, the TikTok community appears to be rather peaceful and carefree. However, a scratch beyond the surface reveals an all-out war between two TikToking philosophies. Today, we’ll take a look at the raging war between Straight and Elite TikTokers, and give you a rundown of the things you must know.

Who are Straight TikTokers?

Before we proceed, we must clarify that “Straight” here has nothing to do with the users’ sexual orientation. The word has only been derived from the type of content they produce.

These group of TikTokers produces “mainstream” content, videos that are focused more on aesthetics, and the physical beauty of the creators. Straight TikTokers are conventionally-attractive males and females, creating videos that make regular users go “Wow! wish I could be that beautiful.”

They participate in popular challenges, rack up millions of views, flaunt their popularity without a care in the world. Straight TikTokers are like high-school cheerleaders and jocks, who have all the means to draw your attention and make you keep coming for more.

Here’s an example of Straight TikTokers participating in the ‘Play Date’ challenge:

Who are Elite TikTokers?

Elite or Alt TikTokers are TikTok users who loathe everything the “popular kids” stand for. These “purists” shame and hate their Straight counterparts for being sellouts, claiming they are simply destroying the originality of the platform.

Elite TikTokers are determined to bring an alternative form of entertainment on TikTok — a form where physical beauty doesn’t take precedence over humorous quips. Their brand of humor doesn’t always feel “elite” though, as many of their creations often end up being cringe-worthy. All in all, Elite TikTokers bear a strong resemblance to Vine users and create videos solely for Internet veterans.

Thanks to their off-putting comedy and lack of emphasis on being ogle-worthy, Alt TikTokers aren’t as popular as straight TikTokers. Fortunately, Elites don’t care much about popularity, as long as they are staying true to their label of independent comedy.

Here’s a short compilation of Elite TikTokers:

Are you an Elite TikToker?

If you didn’t have any idea of the terms before coming across this article, chances are, you’re an unrecognized part of the Straight Community.

Truth be told, neither of these terms would change the way you use TikTok, as these terms are only created by TikTokers and aren’t officially recognized by the platform. There’s no cult or group to join or processions to attend, these distinctions only exist in the unofficial virtual world of TikTok and would stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Still, if you are eager to check whether you’re one of the Elites, feel free to take this quiz. Simply answer eight questions to know the side you’re on. For more information, go to our Alt TikTok page and check the YouTube video below:

Alt TikTok Quiz   How many can you get?

Straight vs Elite: Should you care?

As discussed in the previous section, Elite TikTokers are not very fond of Straights and leave no stone unturned to shame them. And the name, “Straight TikTokers,” was coined by the Alt side only.

TikTokers, who mostly share mainstream content or take part in aesthetic challenges, don’t like to be branded “Straight TikTokers,” arguing that their “art” isn’t inferior to Alt humor in any way, shape, or form. They refuse to be called dumb and shallow only because some weird kids started to throw tantrums.

Frustrated with the name-calling, Straight TikTokers have also started to hit back at the Elites. Calling Alt TikTokers jealous, Straight TikTokers claim Elites create weird and quirky videos only for the sake of it. Some Straight TikTokers even want to get in on the action and create alternative videos, but the Elite community is having none of it.

The “feud,” we believe, will eventually die down, but for the time being, keep your head down, enjoy the tussle, and hope that the platform is enriched at the end of it.

TikTok, like all other social networking sites, is an entertainment outlet, a place to blow off some steam. So, all you need to do is find your niche and do what comes naturally to you. Everything else is just unnecessary distraction, designed to keep you from making the most of your experience.

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