What is Elite TikTok? Here’s a Quiz to find out your side

The whole world of TikTok seems to be divided between two sides right now: the first being Alt TikTok (also called Elite TikTok), and the second one being straight TikTok. Naturally, everyone wants to be on the side of Alt TikTok because, well you know why.

But that’s not to say straight TikTok is any bad — for what’s it’s worth, it may be the more entertaining to someone who doesn’t use the Internet much because generally speaking, sweet is sweeter on Alt TikTok. If you know what I mean. And Alt TikTok could very well be a thing for the pro users, who like cringy content and love TikTok for that.

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What is Elite Tiktok?

Elite Tiktok is a self-proclaimed group of Tiktok users whose idea of creativity doesn’t revolve around dance steps and living the glamorous life but instead show you funnier and more innovative videos. The content that’s made on Elite TikTok is considered to be the complete opposite of traditional and trending videos posted on regular Tiktok.

Elite Tiktok users are known for their unorthodox style of humor and prioritize the content being entertaining rather than being attractive themselves. In contrast, regular Tiktokers or the Straight Tiktok (as they’re called by the elites) are considered to be Tiktok’s equivalent of those popular kids in high school.

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Are Elite Tiktok and Alt TikTok the same thing?

As defined by the urban dictionary, Elite Tiktok is “opposite, opposite” of everything Straight Tiktok stands for in terms of “tikthots” and “thirst traps” (where attractive men and women post selfies to get others’ attention over their physical beauty). Elite Tiktok is about new, unique content — mostly super cringy, even! — than using your body to garner attention and video views.

Alt TikTok proposes similar sets of ideas for making videos, something that doesn’t follow trending and traditional posts. Make no mistake though, even though Straight TikTok sounds a bit less innovating, it isn’t so given incredibly lovely videos you find on that side of TikTok.

What is the deal between Elite Tiktok and Straight Tiktok?

Elite Tiktok is often considered to be the spiritual successors of the Vine culture which was influential only less than a decade ago. Creators on the Elite side of Tiktok strive to upload videos with efficient humor, and are funny in ways you won’t be able to even explain. That is why TikTok is often cringy than you want it to be.

The feud between Elite and Straight Tiktok basically comes down to the fact that Straight TikTokers don’t like being termed Straight TikTokers as they think the name is sort of an insult. With the rise of Elite TikTok, Straight Tiktok is now considered conventional, perhaps too conventional that it has gotten annoying and boring.

How to find if you are on the elite side of TikTok?

Well, there is no sure way to do this. In case you were wondering, these are not the official terms coined by TikTok either, nor does TikTok classifies anyone in this manner. But there are certain quizzes that can be found on the web which help you determine whether you side of elite TikTok or not. Read on.

Elite Tiktok Quiz

Well, take the Alt TikTok Quiz here. It is a set of questions that can test your TikTok habits very quickly, very briefly. If you have been watching content from Elite TikTokers, it will tag you on the side of Alt TikTok, else, you join the Straight TikTok side.

So, take the Alt TikTok Quiz linked below to find if you are Elite side of TikTok.

â–ş Take Alt TikTok Quiz

Besides an 8-question quiz, there are a couple of interesting YouTube videos too that we shared on the page above to help you determine the TikTok side yourself. Go check them out by clicking the link above.

Are you an Elite TikTok?

So, which side of TikTok are you on? Once you are through the quiz and YouTube video on the link above, do let us know what side of TikTok you end up on. You can share a screenshot with us in the comments box below.

Elite TikTok vs Straight TikTok: Which side is better?

Well, it shouldn’t even matter. TikTok is still TikTok whether you are on the side of Alt (or, Elite) or Straight TikTok. Whatever is fun for you is the best for you. Who knows, Alt today Straight tomorrow, eh?

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