Get Alt TikTok Quiz here: Find out what side of TikTok you are on

TikTok has taken the world by storm, with creators gaining immeasurable fame through the social media app. The app allows users to create videos of themselves, sometimes using voice-overs from movies and such. But did you know that not all TikTokers are created equally? Recently trending, Alt TikTok has divided the fandom into two; Alt TikTok and Straight TikTok.

What is Alt TikTok

Alt TikTok is a subdivision of the TikTok fandom. The term refers to an alternate version of TikTok, still within the app though. There is no physical division between Alt TikTok and Straight TikTok, but there is a division in the choice of content.

Alt TikTok proposes that there is a whole section of users on TikTok that appreciate a very different style of videos; almost an anti-TikTok version. Alt TikTok does not follow the latest trends and happenings in the TikTok world. Instead, it is ironic and even attempts to make fun of such trends.

Alt TikTok users will have a very different ‘For You’ page on the app. TikTok’s ‘For You’ page is basically a playlist of video that the apps think you would like. The list is based on your viewing history, likes, favorites, etc.

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What is the Alt TikTok Quiz

The Alt TikTok quiz is made to help you figure out which side of TikTok you really belong to, even if you don’t know yourself.

The Alt TikTok Quiz asks users a bunch of questions about their choice of media consumption on the app. It also checks if you are familiar with any of the famous TikTok creators. At the end of the quiz, you are categorized according to the answers you have provided.

What side of TikTok am I on?

So how do you find out which side of TikTok you are on? By taking the Alt TikTok quiz! See the link for “Alt TikTok Quiz” to get started.

Of course, the quiz is not definitive. Because of the huge amount and variety of videos on the app, there is a chance you may not have stumbled across some of these famous TikTokers.

The quiz is a good start as it gets you thinking, whether you find the TikTok trends entertaining or annoying. If you still cannot decide, then take a look at the video below to check if you belong to Straight TikTok or Alt TikTok or if you’re someone who likes both. Find the quiz below.

Take the Alt TikTok Quiz here

Find out which side of TikTok you are on using the link given below. Below, you will find a Google Form with 11 questions. As each question is worth 4 points, you can score 44 points if you answer them all correctly.

Find the Alt TikTok Quiz Google Form here

What are the 11 questions in Alt TikTok Quiz

  1. Fill in the blank. #free____2020 *
  2. When is the gummy bear album in stores??? *
  3. What is a Barb *
  4. What member of the sm6band do we hate for no reason? *
  5. Who will we never allow to join our cult? *
  6. Fill in the blank. “xue hua piao ____ bei feng xiao xiao” *
  7. Are step chickens on the straight or elite side of tik tok?
  8. What is the elite side of tik tok’s names? Select all that apply *
  9. here’s to ronnEIYe, anDARCHIEEE, and BETDYY, and _________ *
  10. There’s a lot of people in what country? *
  11. finish the sentence: “chicken wing chicken wing…..” *

Want more? Here are 26+ questions on YouTube.

In case you still can’t figure out if you belong to the Straight TikTok crowd or if you want to get to the Alt TikTok audience instead, you can check by putting yourself to testing which of the following TikTok original sounds you get before the reveal. Here’s a video of top Alt TikTok sounds (17 questions):

Alt TikTok Quiz   How many can you get?

Don’t stress yourself if you could only get 1-3 of the sounds right; it only means that you belong to the straight crowd. If your score is around the 13-17 region, then you can consider yourself as someone who belongs to Alt TikTok. If you scored somewhere in the middle, you guessed it right, you’re on both sides.

Here is another video (9 questions):


Okay, one more video that could help you settle the deal and have some inner peace:

How to get on Alt TikTok

As this Urban dictionary definition defines it, Alt TikTok is nothing but TikTok with humor instead of the looks. The distinction has nothing to do with your sexuality but more about how arbitrary and funny your videos are. If you consider yourself as someone who belongs to the Alt TikTok world, then your videos will be about generation Z humor and you would be talking about how terrible your life is.

More TikTok Google Form

TikTok google forms

Google form is a trending hashtag on TikTok, that is closely associated with the Alt TikTok community.

#googleform videos have creators selecting from multiple choices of answers, the lyrics to famous songs, as the song plays in the background. It is oddly satisfying to watch the music match the lyrics that are being selected on the Google form.

Alternatives to the #googleform include audio from funny scenes in movies or TV shows. Since this is not the typical content that TikTok creators come up with, the term has been trending with Alt TikTokers.

Visit: TikTok Google Forms

Well, now that you know about Alt TikTokers, which side do you think you belong to? Alt TikTok or Straight TikTok?