Is TikTok leaking drafts? Everything we know so far

With over 500 million monthly active users, TikTok has successfully managed to become the fastest-growing video-sharing platform in the world. From fun dance routines to quirky trends — there’s something for everyone.

Teens, especially, love to take their creative minds for a spin and invent niche topics on the platform. TikTok, too, offers plenty of simple yet innovative tools to cater to its audience, which, in turn, helps the platform stay fresh.

In terms of innovation, TikTok has been the pioneer in the segment. However, there have also been some grave privacy and security issues, which are still left uncatered. And if that wasn’t all, a new privacy concern has come to the fore, which, if true, might be the worst of the lot.

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Today, we’ll take a look at the newly-reported “TikTok drafts leak” and give you a rundown of the current situation.

What is TikTok Drafts Leak?

It’s been rumored today that TikTok may be leaking the contents of users’ draft folder — where users store their work-in-progress projects — without their consent.

When clicked on the video, users are redirected to their own TikTok profile and not of the creator’s. So, not only are the videos getting published without consent, but the creators are also not getting their due credit.

What is the story?

It all began when a subtly suspicious video started making rounds on TikTokers’ ‘For You Page.’ The video, at first, didn’t seem out of the ordinary, but the username — “@” —raised suspicions. Upon clicking on a username, TikTok redirects you to the creator’s page. In this case, however, it bounced back to the user’s — one who clicked the “@” — home page.

After some digging, TikTokers managed to identify the girl in the video and got in touch with her. The user, who identifies herself as “~its.journi~” on TikTok, had no idea about the leak and didn’t get any notifications from the app.

What is TikTok saying?

TikTok hasn’t addressed the issue, yet, leaving TikTokers in a state of paranoia. If you are a TikToker and have a few drafts in your profile, you may want to mark your profile ‘Private.’ You could even go ahead and delete the ones you may not need.

As it’s a developing issue, we’ll continue to update the article if needed. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions or concerns, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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