Is TikTok Highstar a con?

Is TikTok Highstar a con

Let’s be honest, TikTok is an overly competitive environment. Not in the traditional sense, but if you’re looking to get famous, it isn’t happening overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort to build up your following base; so naturally, when people hear that you can get free followers instantly on TikTok, their ears prick up. That is exactly what TikTok Highstar promises its eager users. How legit is it? Read on to find out.

What is TikTok Highstar

TikTok Highstar is a new website that claims to be able to add up to 50,000 followers to your TikTok account. The website has naturally grabbed the attention of TikTok users worldwide with such a claim.

TikTok Highstar is not the first website to make such claims. As TikTok began to gain traction a number of sites popped up offering similar attractions, in the form of followers, likes, etc. The website claims to have an algorithm to ‘hack’ the user database to increase your followers. It also has no payment options (which is probably why it got everyone’s attention) and offers its services up for free.

Is TikTok Highstar legit?

TikTok Highstar doesn’t appear legit to us. Neither does the site deliver on its promise, nor is the site itself safe. Our antivirus picked up sixteen trackers on the website. Of course, this is not uncommon, but the website in question is empty, and simply redirects you.

When used on a phone (which is what the website instructs you to do), the site simply keeps pushing ads on you, till you finally agree to take a survey after survey.

This is quite typical of such websites that claim they can increase your following on social media apps. However, we can confidently say that TikTok Highstar does not work.

What happens when you try it

Ok, even though TikTok Highstar is quite obviously fake, you’re surely wondering what happens if you try it right? Well, we went ahead and did it for you, so that you don’t have to.

When you visit the TikTok Highstar website on a PC, you are immediately greeted by a page letting you know that the tool only works on smartphones and tablets.

When you visit the same website on your phone, you are first asked to input your TikTok username, and the number of followers you would like. Once you do so, the site keeps bring up popups about how it is hacking the database (mumbo jumbo). Then you are informed, that their servers are down (convenient), so you’ll have to take a survey, and of course, the surveys don’t end. At some point, you are told that the followers will appear in your account within five minutes.

Should you risk it?

The chances of you getting 50,000 free followers from a sketchy website are slim to none. So no, it is not worth risking your online security for TikTok Highstar. While there are websites that offer you followers, they all charge for their services. No one is giving away followers for free.

We hope this article helped. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.