How to rollback Android 10 beta and downgrade to Android Pie

Downgrade to Android Pie

It’s been a couple of days since the release of Android 10 beta and obviously, this version is targeting app developers who want to test and ready their apps by the time the stable version is released in Q3 2019. Still, this doesn’t mean that regular users can’t install this build on eligible Google Pixel phones.

Being the initial release that it is, Android 10 beta in its current form is in no way software that we can recommend for use as a daily driver. The software, which is unstable and still full of bugs and half-baked features, is meant for nerdy people and that’s just that. But for some reason, probably out of sheer excitement, you happened to make the switch to 10 beta and now, for obvious reasons, you don’t like having it on your primary device.

The solution to this is either wait for the next beta update that will iron out some of these bugs (and in the process introduce others) and fully activate the greyed out features or simply opt out of the beta program and get back to previously installed software that worked fine without any issues. That is, the stable Android 9 Pie.

How to go back to Android Pie from Android 10 beta [Downgrade]

Well, Google has an easy way of opting your device out of the latest Android 10 beta program and we have detailed it the few steps below:

  1. Make sure you have taken appropriate backup of your apps and data. That’s because when you rollback Android 10 to install Pie update back, you will lose all your date as the system will perform a mandatory ‘wipe data/factory reset’ while installing the older version of Android.
  2. Visit the Android Beta page on the desktop browser or your Android phone.
    • Make sure you are signed in with the same ID which you are using on the Android 10 phone.
  3. Click on the View your eligible devices button.
    Android Q eligible devices
  4. The page will scroll down to devices section where you can see your Pixel device(s).
    rollback Android Q to Android Pie
  5. Tap on Opt out to leave the beta program on the device running Android 10.
    • Opt out button not available? Well, if you installed Android 10 via fastboot mode using a system image file (not OTA), you may not see the ‘Opt out’ button there. Instead, even on an Android 10 running device, you will see the ‘Opt in’ button only. In that case, simply tap on ‘Opt in’ button and then refresh the page. Google will detect you have Android 10 installed, and will give you ‘Opt out’ button now in place of ‘Opt in’ button.
  6. Your Google Pixel phone will receive a software update within 24 hours and while the update will take you back the previous stable version of Android 9 Pie available for your device, doing so will wipe all user data on the device.

Let us know if you need any help with downgrading from Android 10 to Android Pie.


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  1. I need help to downgrade back to Pie after opt-in for Q. Can I get help with the instructions do do that? Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi, I rolled back from beta Q to pie 9, now while setting up its not able to find backup, “No backup found”, but I see a back up on google drive, please help

  3. I tried to downgrade per the above instructions, but I get a message that says that it couldn’t remove my device.

    Yesterday I got a new phone (OP 7+) and reset the Pixel 2 XL.

    Is there something else I can do?

    ::::figured it out… needed to sign into Google to get it started.:::

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