Download Android Q wallpapers and ringtones here!

Android Q wallpapers

Google today released the Android Q beta for all of its Pixel handsets, from the OG Pixel to Pixel 3 XL.

As system images became available, it was imperative that the goodies packed inside would be out too. So, here you have your download links for the Android Q beta stock wallpaper and ringtones, as found inside the factory images.

Download Android Q wallpapers (1080p resolution)

Download Android Q ringtones

In the wallpapers pack, there is a total of 15 stock wallpaper, but not all of them look like new. The resolution of

In the ringtones pack, there are 12 alarms tones, 15 notification tones, 12 ringtones, and 26 UI tones.

Let us know which one is your favorite wallpaper.

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